Friday, December 22, 2006


As promised,here are the updated pictures taken on the 21st December 2006 which is approximately 1 month from the first batch of pictures taken.
However,i'm not very pleased with whatever little progress i've made.It could have been better had i not been bugged up with cough,cold and fever that lasted almost a couple of weeks.
Anyway,the festive season is here once again and i foresee myself indulging in some serious eating and drinking frenzy heheheehee!!!! This will for certain hinder again my developement but's CHRISTMAS!!! Once a year affair and i'm not about to miss out on this celebration one bit.

Ok back to topic....overall i will need more arm size,more thigh mass and sweep,tighten my waistline...A LOT...hehehehee...and more depth to my chest.Heck...everything needs more of something hahahaa!! I guess that's why i call this thread TOTAL REBUILD!

Anyway folks, i'd like to wish everyone,young or old ,a very MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

feel free to make comments heehheee...

Till i post again........

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Front relax pose
Side chest
Most muscular

Side tricep
Abdominal & Thigh
Back lat spread
Front lat spread
Back double biceps
Front double biceps

In my earlier post , I mentioned about making a comeback to competitive bodybuilding in 2007.After a 3 year hiatus , I can foresee this journey being a really difficult one.

Nontheless it is something i WANT and MISS doing.....i miss all the intense workouts ,the stringent dieting...eerrm...ok ,well , maybe not the dieting part ,but definitely the stage,the audience but most importantly....the lean and mean look!

So from this day onwards ,23rd November 2006 , my battle begins! These pictures you see depicts my current pathetic condition , all 270lbs of blubber! A result of neglecting my diet and piss poor training for the last 3 years.

But i'm changing all that! In the months to come, i plan to totally rebuild my physique taking it to the next level and out-do my past best condition.It ain't gonna be a walk in the park , that's for sure BUT I WILL DO IT!

So peeps...if you wanna see how my progress is comin along...then you gotta keep comin back regularly.I'll post new pictures every so often here.If you have constructive criticism or comments then by all means do so.I'm gonna need all the mental support i can get to get ready for 2007...THE YEAR I TURN PRO!

So , till i post again.....

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


So here's a picture of me doing a back lat spread taken a few months ago (off season shape).

As some of you already know ,end of 2003 was my last outing (SEA Games held in Vietnam) and since then i've been out of competition mode due to other commitments.

As of late,i've been watching a few forums on the net and following the progress of some of my friends who are still in competition mode and ...IT HAS GOTTEN ME ALL FIRED UP AGAIN!
I must say that i'm quite envious of their achievements.Some have already turned pro...and here i am still an amateur...SIGH!

Well,now that i'm all fired up to compete again,i'm gonna try and obtain a pro card this time around.It's gonna be pretty hard but i'm gonna give it one more last shot at getting my pro card from the IFBB(International Federation of Bodybuilding)...and if they turn down my application ,then i'd very likely turn to PDI (Pro Division Incorporated) which is a very new federation.Lets see what crops up from these federations first.

I've already started preparing for 2007's schedule.Intense training started on the 13th of November 2006 and i plan to keep the momentum going till competition day (yet to be confirmed).So from now on,i will be keeping a photo journal of my progress ,perhaps on a monthly basis.

So ,keep visiting my blog on a regular basis to see what's going on here and maybe leave comments on my progress ...hehehehee!
Till i post and all....Adios peeps!

Monday, November 13, 2006


Just a very brief announcement on Sumo-lah the movie.It will hit the cinemas sometime around Chinese New Year 2007.Check out the poster to see who else will be in it and also for other details.
Guess who that cartoon caricature is? Hehehehehe!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

PDI or IFBB???

Sorry to everyone for my absence .It's been a rather difficult month for me here at ULTIMATE GYM .
As usual,the Ramadhan month is here...and that could only mean me having to operate longer hours to cater to the Muslims who are fasting.Tiring but necessary nonetheless. what have i been up to apart from being busy here at ULTIMATE GYM?For one, i've been involved in a new business.It's an e-commerce networking business that's 100% legal of course and it does seem very promising .I'm planning to go full swing with it once the Ramadhan is over.Never hurts to have a few extra bucks put aside for my bodybuilding career.Yup...i plan to make a comeback in 2007!


As some of you already know,I've been out of competition for 3 years now due to a downturn in business plus some injuries that held me back from training hard .The desire in me to compete again is stronger than ever.

A few days ago,i had a long chat with a very good friend and he strongly encouraged me to make a comeback.We talked about the possibilities of me turning pro.For 3 years,i was living a bodybuilders worst nightmare....lack of funds and injuries.Putting the monetary problems and injuries topic aside,my buddy asked me one question which kinda hit a nerve.

He asked me..."Do you want to make a comeback and start from the bottom in the IFBB/ABBF again or do you want to move on and continue where you left off?" It made me realise that i should move on.
I've won the state,national and international titles more than once.I've won Mr.Asia and even competed in the Mr.Universe and the next best thing to do is to try and obtain a pro card.
Almost every Asian bodybuilder knows it is extremely hard for Asians to get a pro card simply because of the amount of red tape and bullcrap one has to go through.It is almost like the IFBB/ABBF wants to keep you in your place just so they can make money on your account.Kinda sucks when you've reached this level and see so much of it!

Well,i reckon the days for the IFBB are numbered!With the Pro Division Bodybuilding Incorporated now set up ,the IFBB is facing a dilemma as many of the top pros are contemplating leaving the IFBB.Some have already made the switch.
This new federation seems to be rather fair to the athletes and the most important factor can obtain a pro card without the red tape that we see in the other federations.One can also compete outside the PDI without being penalised.Not something you can do under the IFBB flag.
With my current achievements,it seems i'm eligible to turn pro.Now how sweet is that??? At least there is a federation out there that values the athlete for their achievements.

Of course, as always,there are critics out there that swears PDI will not last and there are those who says it will.Well,competiton is always healthy right?Maybe now the IFBB will buck up and make some drastic changes in their organisation.

I'd like to know what you people think about making a switch from IFBB/ABBF to PDI.Maybe some comments from you people out there?

In the mean's back to some hardcore training if i wanna make a big impact when i hit the posing dais again!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


It's the end of a wonderful journey for me.Filming Sumo-lah was a great experience! As the days went pass, each and every one of us got to know each other closer , and i mean the entire crew and
So it was only normal that by the end of the shoot , we were all a lil' sad to have to part our separate ways , after having so much fun working together.

I for one will miss the entire crew and cast for i had so much pleasure working with each and every one of them.

You folks out there...keep a lookout for this awesome movie this December.I promise you lots of laughter , drama , great fight scenes and some fantastic cinematography...all these elements are brought to you by an awesome guy,our very own Malaysian director Mr Afdlin Shauki.

Well , i'm lost for words so , let these photos paint a thousand words for me.



Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Marriage : The legal union of a man and woman as husband and wife.
Woah....words that make some cringe!

To some , it means the end of bachelorhood...that means giving up all their flirting , scams or hanging out with their buddies till late,just so they could be tied down to a ball and chain.
Others,on the other hand ,welcomes married lives full throttle.It's almost like they can't wait any longer to have a family....

Well,i just turned 37 and to tell you the truth ,i have had a blast of a time being single.I come and go as i please,date who i wish etc without having to answer to anyone.Well that was until i met someone...hehehehee!
So as it goes now,i guess i'm already attached to the great ball and chain , just not legal in the eyes of the lord or the law yet.

Sometimes i find it very hard to let go of my bachelor lifestyle....but i guess if the girl i'm seeing is the right one , then perhaps it would be worth the slight change of wind....i'm sure some stability in my life will emerge.Afterall,2 heads are better than 1 ...... or in my case...2 source of income will be better than 1 heheheheee!

All my married buddies have been hanging shit on me for being single for too long.Even my old man is asking me..."WHEN'S THE BIG DAY? WHEN ARE YA' GIVIN ME GRANDCHILDREN??" I still hang out to watch cartoons like a big kid and now i gotta make kids??Talk about being pressured or what hahaha!

But i've got to admit this tho....the feeling of wanting to settle down and start a family of my own is slowly begining to set in.I guess there's only so long of being alone one can take.After which the presence of a loved one by your side through thick or thin moments will be much desired.

As people say... it's time i quit messing about and start considering starting a family hahahahahaa.Time to be a bit more responsible here......not that i haven't but....... ; )

Do you hear wedding bells coming??? Heck , i guess so , just don't ask me'll know IF or WHEN it happens!!!

Before i leave...
I'd like to hear comments from you married or single people out there...WHAT DOES MARRIAGE MEAN TO YOU?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


It's been several months since the mention of SUMO-lah the movie.Well, on the 9th of May 2006,Vision Works , Afdlin's company had the press conference for SUMO-lah at the JW Marriot Kuala lumpur.It turned out very well and the promo trailer of this movie was great!That's just the clip...imagine the movie!!! I'm sure it's gonna be awesome.
Shooting for this movie is scheduled to be on the 12th of June and would take anything between 45 - 60 days.Part of it will be filmed on location in Japan and the rest in Kuala Lumpur.
Some of my buddies are really looking forward to seeing me in the "mawashi" - those diaper looking thing that sumo wrestlers wear hahahahahhahaa!I'm telling you lot out there in butt is spotless ok! Haahahahahaa!
Anyways,support the local film industry....time to make a difference!This movie is different and will be goin' international for your info.Support this sort of movie and i guarantee you will see better stuff in near future....not crappy love movies like we used to get before.
Here's a man that can support from you Malaysians are very important.
Just my 2 cents......

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Well , guess what folks? Early this morning I was awaken by an SMS from the P.A. of Mr Afdlin Shauki aka Mr Talent Extrodinaire .According to his P.A. ,this coming May 8th or 9th , they will be holding a press conference for Mr Shauki's SUMO-lah! in one of the hotels in Kuala Lumpur.In a way i was very pleased to hear this news as this would only mean one thing.....that the camera will be rolling pretty soon.So,to the much awaiting folks out there , keep your eyes and ears open as i'm sure there will be much talk about this movie when it starts filming.

Ok, on another note...i've not been writing much about whats been happening with the local SPCA as of late.One good news that i've found out at the SPCA website is that people who have or wants to own a pet that lives in high rise buildings,condos etc may be able to do so very soon.The government has approved pets in high rise buildings of course under close supervision.

This of course is more music to me......first the good news from Afdlin's P.A. then now this.I wont have to worry much about neighbours complaining to the council that i own a dog and all now.Finally me and my mutt can actually live in peace.

So there ya' go peeps.....just a lil update in my life.....

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Well folks , it's been quite long since i posted anything here.This is because i've been bogged down with so much thinking on how to improve the business and i must say that it was all well worth the headache.
As mentioned in my last post , i was running some ads and promotion for the gym to encourage the ladies to start exercising.Flyers were sent out and banners were strung up around the vacinity.I must say that it has helped quite a bit.I now have many more women in my centre.So it's back to more work since i now have a bunch of new members that requires my coaching.Good for me coz' that's where my income comes from....gym members.

The downside of this all is.......NO HOLIDAYS! Hahahahahaa.I do get really tired by the end of the day.Having to manage my centre,train my clients and not forgetting training myself too really is quite demanding.But that's how things are for me over here.
Every year around the 9th - 16th of April , my bike group , HeadHunters Mc does the annual pilgrimage to Phuket for the Phuket Bike Week...kinda like the asian version of Sturgis in the States.Sadly , i will not be joining my brothers at this great big party as i have to ensure my business survives the hard times.
Priorities have to be looked after first i guess.
Oh well , it's not like it's the end of the world...there's always next year and who knows....i may make just about enough cash now to sail me through next year's bike week.
Till my next post.....

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


It's been a while since i posted anything here.Well,i've been rather busy with a couple of stuff related to my business.Let's see.....I've been scouting around for customers for a close friend who has several units of cardio equipments for sale such as the treadmill and elliptical trainer.So far there has been a few units sold .There are a few other potential customers wanting to buy these equipments too ,but have yet to confirm when.You'd probably be wondering whats it in for me right? Well, basically i will secure a unit for my gym for FREE!
With the few items sold so far , I've managed to secure a treadmill for my gym....although used , it's still a big deal for me coz' these treadmills cost a BOMB brand new!.And here's the best part.....all the guys who used to say..." wouldn't catch me on one of those!" , turns out to be the ones who use it the most ...HAAAAAAAAAAHAAHAA! Also picked up an elliptical cross trainer...the women seem to like this one a lot for some reason and a new shoulder press bench....couldn't resist the great deal hahahahaa!
Apart from all that , I've been running some ads for ULTIMATE GYM too.Basically I've been sending out flyers and hanging up banners for my centre around this vicinity.It's hard times here for the smaller gym operators ,so every bit of promo is needed to boost membership.I'm also running a special discount for the ladies....and i must say it's been good so far as far as the ladies promo is concern.The more ladies i can get into my centre , the more guys will follow suit..... hehehehee!
Kinda like bees to honey! Hopefully with the installation of these few new equipments and of course...more ladies...i will see more new members signing up.My gym is located in a very big housing area so flyers will have to be distributed in phases.
Well, basically this is what's been happening over on my end lately.....and tonight after closing the gym , i'm out again with a good friend , doing more mail drops! Time to be a lil more aggresive with my marketing if i'm to fill my lil' ol' purse with some decent cash.
Don't be surprised if you get my flyer in your mailbox too hehehehehee! Till next time....wish me luck people!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Just a quick update on what's been happening to the delay of SUMO-LAH.Basically,shooting for SUMO-LAH has been pushed even forward to perhaps end of April due to the fact that the investors were making too many demands.So,as it stands,this movie will be rescheduled to a much later time of which i'm not certain yet.Updates will be posted here as soon as i hear of some positive news down the the mean time its back to bodybuilding.

I guess i'll just have to start my cutting phase again since having to be fat for this role is begining to take its toll on back is givin' way hahahahaa!Well folks,thats all for now.....

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Just to inform you people out there that i'm in the midst of creating my own basic website.So those of you who would like to visit it,kindly go to to check it out.

As i get more familiar with the settings, i will add more stuff to my website.In the mean time , i hope that you will visit my site and perhaps drop me a line or two.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006


With SUMO-LAH postponed, i can now focus on promoting my gym again and what better time to do so too than at the begining of a new year.So far 2006 looks quite promising for me....but that doesn't mean i should be a slacker if i wanted things to run smoothly this year.

This year,i plan on improving the cardio range in my fitness centre.I'm looking at the possibility of getting tredmills and perhaps the elipticle cycle.You may be wondeing why i didn't get them from the very start.The answer is rather simple.Majority of my members here don't use them.I had a treadmill put in before and all they did was take a couple of strides on it and walked away saying "nahhhh...not for me!"What a blow as it cost money to buy them and in the end ,members don't want to use it,hahahaa.For this year though, i will be targetting more clients who wants more of the cardio range rather than free weights and machines...mainly the women...coz you all know...where there's honey,there will be bees heheheehe!

Ok, so what makes Ultimate Gym so different?Simple! Because i'm not a huge establishment,therefore i'm able to give my clients more attention. Plus , with almost 2 decades of experience behind me , both theory and practicle...well mostly practicle, i practice what i preach , and i know for a fact that i'm more qualified than a majority of instructors out there in the fitness industry today.

You're probably thinking that i must charge an arm and a leg for my services after reading my comments above.Quite the contrary .I will provide and continue providing all my gym members with adequate facilities and added services like proper weight training ,diet and nutrition councelling etc.,as long as they need my services and of course, as long as they are still my paying customer, all of which is included in the gym fees that they pay every month.How cool is that???!

Right,to give everyone a clearer picture,here are my typical rates.


That's all you need to pay.....of course i have other packages for those who wish to pay in advance , usually they will receive discounts.Not too shabby right??? Well folks....if any of you out there , in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia ,of course,plans to get in shape , don't hesitate to look me up at Ultimate Gym - "no other like it!"

Monday, February 06, 2006


Well folks,it seems that the much anticipated movie SUMO-LAH by Afdlin Shauki will be pushed to early April due to another project that Afdlin had to deal with first.
I was kinda disappointed at first when i heard this news,but what the hell,it's still gonna happen,only a lil later ,so i'll just have to hang in there with the extra baggage on me for a just couple of months longer.Not very pleasing to the eye being fat, especially when you are a bodybuilder hahahahaaa.Not forgetting the people that are thinking of signing up at ULTIMATE GYM who may be wondering why the hell is the instructor...yours freakin' fat....hahahahahaaaa.
Nevertheless,i strongly believe it will be worth the wait for SUMO-LAH.With Afdlin on a roll right now as actor/director etc,and with a mission to revive the popularity of local movies amongst Malaysians ,just like in the good ol' days of the legendary late P.Ramlee,i believe it will make or rather force other producers/directors to come up with better storylines for their movies . All the better ,i must say,as over the last couple of decades, we have seen some pretty horrible local movies hitting the silver screen.
Well,it's time for me to hit the weights now...and maybe regain a lil shape....hahahahahaaa,till my next post...