Tuesday, December 27, 2005


2005 was such an eventful year....with loads of good and bad things happening to me.All things said and done about 2005 , it is the good moments that i wish to cherish and remember and as for the bad things...well....learn from it i guess.It has been a very trying 2 years for me , with the business barely surviving every month.Imagine being broke almost every day for the last 24 months.....not a very pleasant thing to deal with especially when your family depends on you.

Somehow , despite all the turmoil in my life , god hears and answers my prayers.This Christmas was a good one eventhough it was a small celebration.Somehow there was just enough money to make a small Christmas dinner for my family.A few close friends and some relatives showed up at my house to celebrate with us too.In the end we had a great time despite the shortcomings.I guess i had too much of a good time that i ended up getting sick the next day.....hahahahaa.....no matter...was worth it though.

In a few days time , we will be ushering in the new year .....2006......boy how time flies.I just hope 2006 will be a better year for me and everyone out there.I suppose if everyone were to just do a little prayer every now and then.....pray for peace perhaps....god may just hear you and answer your prayers.I had my prayers answered.....i'm sure yours will too.Have faith!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Animals can learn, but it is not by learning that they become dogs, cats, or horses. Only man has to learn to become what he is supposed to be. - Eric Hoffer

Who was she?
Born seven years ago, Sheena was a beautiful German Shepherd who died in August this year. The hope and happiness of a puppy were dashed when Sheena ended up in the hands of a cruel owner.

The photo above is of Sheena in the last days of her life. This photo splashed across the national newspapers with her ribs sticking out and stomache bloated sitting by her rusty bowl of contaminated water broke hearts all across the country. Her owner, an engineer from Subang Jaya had kept her tied up and starving.

Based on the post-mortem report, Sheena was infected with ticks. She also suffered brittle bones due to malnutrition from young and the malfunction of all her major organs causing water retention which resulted in a bloated abdomen, empty bladder and stomach.

According to newspaper reports, a neighbour had trice telephoned the Selangor Veterinary Department, but nobody went to save the dog. Finally, she called the SPCA and they rushed to the scene to find her still tied and sleeping in her own faeces.

The rescue came too late. Sheena had to be put down on August 18, 2005. The post-mortem revealed that she had suffered neglect for years.

Ironically, it is likely that Sheena, the very same dog starved by her owner, would still lick his hand today if she were alive.

Reports that came in just days after Sheena’s story broke
Soon after Sheena’s ordeal was highlighted in the Press, the Star carried on its front page, the story of a Malayan Tiger that was butchered into four pieces. The perpetrator was apprehended and brought before the court, but set free after he paid a RM7,000 fine. The parts could easily fetch much more on the market than the fine he had paid.

And only days later, another story appeared in the Star of a breeder who kept his cats in such deplorable conditions that even the published photographs of one cat did not look like a cat at all.

Why we should remember her?
Sheena stands for all the abused and neglected pets in Malaysia. The 21st century has seen an increase in reported abuse of domestic animals. Many of these pets are returned to their owners after the case is investigated, and prosecution takes place. The Animal Ordinance 1953 has a maximum of RM200 fine and/or 6 months imprisonment as penalty for abusing an animal. In Sheena’s case, her owner admitted guilt, and was fined RM100, not even a quarter of the price of a German Shepherd puppy, and definitely not even close to the price of her precious life. Sheena must be remembered, so that other animals won’t suffer.

For every animal SPCA rescues, there are many more out there who are still waiting to see the light of day. The only way forward now is to educate people on how to treat animals.

Please do not think that this cruelty will end with the animals. When we allow an environment which is conducive for abusive pet owners to breed, we can rest assured there will be other social problems that will arise along with animal cruelty.

So please help us give a voice to the voiceless.

Please support our Remembering Sheena Campaign. In addition to signing the petition forms to amend the laws in Malaysia for harsher penalties on irresponsible animal care at www.spca.org.my, PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE FORMS AND COLLECT THE SIGNATURES MANUALLY. THEN HAND IN YOUR FORMS PERSONALLY AT OUR SPECIAL RALLY AT SPCA SELANGOR AT JALAN KERJA AYER LAMA, 68000 AMPANG JAYA, SELANGOR (NEXT TO THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL KUALA LUMPUR) ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 21, 2006 AT 4:00 PM

You may follow the trail of this campaign by clicking this link below:remembersheena.blogspot.com.
Contact friends of Sheena at: remembersheena@gmail.com

Friday, November 25, 2005


Today i received news from my federation - MBBF , regarding my ban from competition.After more than a year of sitting in the dark , the federation called me up to give me the good news.My suspension has been lifted!
Although i may not compete anytime soon , nevertheless it is good to know that i'm no longer treated as an outcast.Will i do the nationals etc next year?Well , let us see how my finances turn out first.The fire within me to compete still blazes hot.
To my fans out there who have supported me all this while , YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE LAST OF TERRY GALLYOT! I will come back bigger and in better condition!
All things said and done about my federation , i must admit that they have indeed been lenient with me.I owe them quite a bit....to MBBF , THANK YOU VERY MUCH!



THE SPCA needs your help. For almost 50 years, this independently-run shelter has been there, helping countless number of neglected, abused and abandoned animals. Selflessly, the committee, staff and volunteers have toiled just so ones without the gift of speech would have a place to go, to be fed, cared for and loved until a new home is found.
Now, it is your turn to do something for the shelter that has run into some trouble.
For years, the SPCA has battled problems of inadequate funding, space and manpower. In spite of these problems, the spirit of the people behind the SPCA has prevailed, and it has managed to achieve so much, especially successful adoptions of unwanted animals.
Now, the SPCA might lose the land it rests on.
The small patch of land that it operates on in Ampang Jaya, Selangor, isn’t its own but is on lease from the Selangor government. The land, however, is under threat of being sold to property developers.
This means that the SPCA --- with its hundreds of cats and dogs --- face eviction.
Apparently, an alternative location has been offered --- in Putrajaya. If the SPCA has to move all the way there, it is unlikely that people with unwanted animals will bother to drive all the way over there to hand them over. What will happen, in all likelihood, is that there will be an increase in stray cat and dog populations all over the city when people dump their unwanted animals.
The SPCA is looking to raise funds to buy its own plot of land, where it will be free from interference. It also needs more funds to maintain the shelter and its residents.
Currently, it costs about RM50,000 a month to keep things going --- which include the cost of feeding the animals, medical bills and staff salaries. The shelter receives more than 1,000 animals each month. Many have to be put down because of the inadequate funds and space.
We need the SPCA to carry on functioning as an animal shelter. We need the SPCA to continue its awareness work on animal rights issues. We need the SPCA to continue campaigning for penalties to be increased, and people who do wrong by animals are duly punished. We need the SPCA, and it is our duty to step in and help the shelter that has helped so many animals.
So what can you do?
· Check out
www.spca.org.my for ideas on what you can do to help, from volunteering, to making donations.
· Neuter your pets.
· Adopt a pet from the SPCA instead of buying a pedigree from a pet store.
· Do not abandon your pet.

The SPCA is located at:Jalan Kerja Air Lama,68000 Ampang. Selangor. Malaysia.Tel: (03) 4256-5312, 4253-5179Fax: (03) 4252-8382E-mail:
spca@streamyx.com(Open every day from 9am to 4pm)


Two of my good friends -
Top with mask - Sami Al Haddad of Bahrain
Bottom - Syed Fadzli of Malaysia

Paying tribute to two of my close friends whom recently competed at the World Musclemania held in Hollywood.
Sami,who is from Bahrian has always been a good bodybuilder.Very dedicated to the sport of bodybuilding just as Syed,these two fine gentlemen decided to give Musclemania a go.For Sami and Syed,this is their first pro show with musclemania.Syed won the World Musclemania middleweight class in 2004 earning his pro card while Sami whose physique was so impressive that the organisers gave him his pro card upon seeing his pictures earlier this year.
Both men were in excellent condition on the competition day.Sami won the show while Syed garnered 4th.Not bad for our fine asian bodybuilders considering this is their first pro show.We all used to see a lot of westerners winning most of the big shows but in recent years,our asian brothers have stepped up the ladder considerably.Hopefully in the years to come we will see more of our asian brothers doing very well in the international arena.This page is dedicated to the two champs,Sami and Syed.Well done bros'!

Saturday, October 29, 2005


The sport of bodybuilding here in Malaysia started way back in the 60's where we saw some great physiques , even way back then.No doubt about it , bodybuilding came a long way .Bigger and more refined physiques gloss the stage thesedays.We have technology to thank as we now have access to better gym facilities and nutrition/supplements.
Bodybuilders are a special breed of athletes.I believe that these guys put in more time and effort in the pursuit of building a champion physique than any other athletes.They literally eat , sleep , breathe bodybuilding.Where or what other sport , have you seen such dedication involved?The pain,sweat and tears that these fine men have to endure day in day out , year after year , puts them on the highest pedestal in my opinion.

With all these hard work put in by these fine men , it is sad that they go unrecognised.The general public sees them as freaks or steroid abusers without even taking the time to find out what these guys have to go through just to build a respectable physique.What's even worse is that the bodybuilding association here is so weak.They lack funds to organise decent events due to lack of aggresiveness to go out and seek sponsorship money or even get the National Sports Council involved in looking after the welfare of these athletes.

The events are sub-standard and are usually held in the concourse of shopping malls.How degrading! Its no wonder we are treated as freaks at a freak or side show.Bodybuilding already has a pretty bad image due to it's association with steroid use.Why then make it worse by holding these shows in shopping malls?

To add insult to injury , these poor boys receive very little in prizes.If at all there are any cash prizes involved , rest assured it wont be much.It would be nice to see bodybuilding events taking place in proper and nicer venues and also would be better if prizes are increased to a respectable level.Hopefully , all this will take place soon , otherwise we will see a lot more bodybuilders giving up on this sport.

Friday, October 21, 2005


Owner ‘tossed out dog’s food, water’
October 18, 2005.

"He wanted Sheena to die." These were the stinging words of the person who tipped off the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) on the neglect a German Shepherd had to endure for at least six months. Wishing to remain anonymous, she told the New Straits Times today the dog’s owner, Lien San Chong, had no compassion for the canine.
"He wanted Sheena to die, and this dog endured a long and horrible death.
"I fed her dog biscuits and gave fresh drinking water every day, but when the owner turned up every three to five days, he would just toss the food and water away," she said.
Lien was fined RM100 by a magistrate’s court yesterday after he pleaded guilty to neglecting seven-year-old Sheena. The dog was found abandoned at a house in Subang Jaya and her body was full of fleas.
When Veterinary Services Department officers went to the house on Aug 18, they put Sheena to sleep as she could not be saved.
Investigations showed that Lien left the dog behind when he moved house.
CRUEL DEATH: Sheena, after she was taken away by Veterinary Services Department enforcement officers from her home, in August.
The woman who reported the case to the SPCA said on Aug 17, she saw Lien emptying the dog’s food into a plastic bag and hanging it outside the house.
"At one point, the dog tried to stand up but it lost its balance, whimpering in pain and just lost consciousness," she said.
"I will never forget that sight of its owner just standing there looking and not doing anything. It still haunts me to this day."
She was outraged that
Lien was fined only RM100 under the Animal Ordinance, which carries a maximum fine of RM200 or a maximum six months in jail, or both.
The woman also rapped the Selangor Veterinary Department for its indifference.
"I called at least three times and they never cared," she said. "It is a travesty that this dog had to die like this in a society like ours."
2,400 animal neglect cases reported annually
At least 2,400 cases of animal neglect are reported every year in Malaysia.
These statistics may be sobering but the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) believes they represent but a fraction of the abuse taking place.
There is also the problem of hauling the offenders to court. Many witnesses are prepared to report cases but are unwilling to give evidence.
Sabrina Yeap, a Selangor SPCA inspector, said the most common cases of neglect involved dogs being chained and exposed to the elements. Often the animals are also not given food and water.
Sabrina says many owners abandon the animals when they show signs of illness.
"The trend of animal neglect is increasing, and the onus is on good Samaritans out there to give us exact locations and help to be witnesses in court.
"We need the public to be more responsible and take up the baton of civic consciousness," she said.
She also felt that authorities had to buck up, in particular the Selangor Veterinary Department.
The SPCA will try to appeal against the RM100 fine which the magistrate’s court levied on Lien Chong San, the owner of the German Shepherd which suffered neglect for months before being put to sleep on Aug 18.
The public can call the SPCA at 03-42565312 or 03- 42535179 or email the details and pictures to spca@streamyx.com.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Pics from Mr.Malaysia 2003.

SEA GAMES 2003 in Vietnam.
(I'm in the middle)
Well it's been a year now since being slapped with a suspension by the IFBB/MBBF for assisting a rival show to take place here in Kuala Lumpur.
With the recent ABBF congress meeting held in Korea in conjunction with the Mr.Asia 2005 , my local body , MBBF , brought up the matter at that meeting.I haven't received any calls from my association yet informing me of the outcome from their meeting.All i can say is , "I hope i'm pardoned for trying to earn a few bucks legally."
It would be really nice to be able to compete again and to be able to travel once more with my team , but it all depends on what the association has to tell me in the near future.Oh well , i'm being optimistic about it all.I will definitely keep you lot reading my blogs posted.Wish me luck!

Monday, September 19, 2005


Top - Musclemania banner.
Centre - Musclemania Asia 04' stage.
Bottom - The ones who got suckered by Mr Zwick,president of American Sports Network , producer of Musclemania & Superbody shows.
Well folks,
guess what??I was surfing to see whats new at the Musclemania website and found out that Musclemania Asia Tour was supposed to be in September 05' and one of the venues scheduled was Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.YEAH RIGHTTTTT!!!!!
After the stunt Mr Zwick pulled last year,this guy actually still has the audacity to deceive the public by actually listing all those countries supposedly hosting Musclemania.IT'S ALL BOGUS!!!MUSCLEMANIA ISN'T AS POPULAR AND GLAMOUROUS AS MR.ZWICK CLAIMS.WINNERS DO NOT GET WHAT THEY ARE ENTITLED TO & A CERTAIN EVENTS COMPANY NEVER GOT PAID IN FULL.Too late for me as i've already fallen prey to this guy,but hopefully you lot out there reading this blog won't get conned by him as you now know the inside story.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Tis' one of those days where you kinda get stuck and don't know what to write so i guess the next thing to do is just post some pics here for your viewing pleasure.Cheers.

Pic 1 - with Ulisses Jr (World Musclemania champ).
Pic 2 - with Sports Minister , Dato Azalina.
Pic 3 - with Wong(Ifbb pro)
Pic 4- top form in 96'
Pic 5 - with Malaysian team at the Mr Asia 2003 in Kazakhstan.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


Back in 1995 , I was introduced by the great Ade Rai of Indonesia to Mr Lou Zwick of American Sports Network, the very same person who created the world coveted natural bodybuilding show called Musclemania.I was aesthetic when the president of American Sports Network(ASN) himself called me.We had long chats about how he wanted to expand his shows to Asia and wanted me involved with this project.
Well , after many years of obstacles , finally Musclemania made its way to the shores of Malaysia,October 9th 2004.It was a moment of joy to many bodybuilders in this region.With hopes of making a name for themselves in the international bodybuilding scene , many of these wishful thinking bodybuilders came to participate.This first show did pretty well despite the many obstacles we had from the local bodybuilding association.
Now , the president of ASN had his show in Asia , packed his bags and went back to the US of A , to sell his program to ESPN , something which he has promised even our Sports Minister that this show will be featured on air.After waiting for almost a year , NOTHING! And that's not all.The winners of their respective classes were not awarded their prizes either.It doesn't stop there.The events company that I was working with to organise this show was not even paid whatever balance outstanding.
When asked , the president gave all sorts of excuses why he didn't want to pay up.Eventually the events company was so fed up that they wrote the outstanding balance off as bad debts , the athletes on the other hand , decided to no longer associate themselves with Musclemania.They were sentenced to two years suspension by the local bodybuilding federation for their participation in the Musclemania Asia show.A big slap from both sides.Everyone felt robbed , especially me.
I stuck my neck out for this show , thinking that this would be a great business venture and to help promote my favourite sport to reach the masses.BOY WAS I DEAD WRONG!
Today , I have severed all ties with Mr.Lou Zwick of ASN for the stunt he pulled.I'm also serving an indefinite suspension from my association for aiding the events company to host this show.
These two bodybuilding association turns out to be rivals for a long time.Me helping the events company that was handling ASN's show was a major blow for me simply because i'm now caught inbetween their politics.
In the end , the biggest loser out of this all is ME.What to do? Write an appeal letter to my association explaining my situation and hopefully they grant me leniency on this matter.
Why don't I compete in Musclemania? Never!Not after the shit i've seen coming from Mr Zwick.Its no wonder many of the champs of Musclemania left.A lesson to be learnt by me I guess.I will still continue to pump iron.Afterall it is my passion to workout hard even though I may no longer compete.Whatever it is , being stuck inbetween their politics suck big time.

Friday, August 26, 2005


ME (right) before - 1986.......
and after (top) in 1999 when i won MR ASIA (heavyweight).

How many times have you heard people saying "I HAVE NO TIME!" or "NO MONEY!" or "I'M TOO OLD LAH!" when asked to join a gym to exercise and stay fit? Probably 8 out of 10 times if you ask me.
To answer some of these questions....well , one only needs about 45 minutes perhaps 3-4 times a week to get into shape.No money for gym fees?At ULTIMATE GYM , it only costs RM90 monthly...thats like spending RM3 only each day.You'd probably blow that RM3 on other stuff anyways so why not spend it for your health?Then there's that "I'M TOO OLD LAH!" statement.What a crock of shit!!!You are never too old for anything!I've trained guys well into their 70's and they have made positive progress.Heck!One 73 year old guy outlifts the teenages even!!!
I guess at the end of the day , it all boils down to whether you want to do it or not.Hopefully the mentallity of Malaysians will shift to a more positive direction in the years to come.Afterall , it is their own health thats at stake.
Go figure!

Thursday, August 25, 2005


For many Malaysians , exercising to stay healthy seems such a chore.Instead , many prefer to "lepak" at stalls or coffee joints rather than improving on one's health and fitness.
Saying that , i guess many are switching to gym activities slowly yet surely.There's a huge market for the fitness industry in Malaysia as you see numerous gyms popping up everywhere like mushrooms.They provide clients with high end equipments and coaching services...all for a price!!!
Yup , basically you will have to pay through your nose just to be a member of such establishments , and mind you , coaching services are another story.It all adds up at the end of the day.

So , where can the avarage joe with limited income go to?
Well , ULTIMATE GYM in Wangsa Maju is the answer.My gym may not be furnished with glossy imported equipments , BUT , one thing is certain tho....anyone can afford the rates we charge here.More importantly , we provide proper training for whatever your objectives may be , by yours truly of course , Terry Gallyot.With almost 19 years of experience backing me , and the rates that i charge , people wonder if i'm for real.Why you ask?Well , the answer is simple.My services are very affordable.Where else can you find a professional enough coach and a decent gym at a very affordable rate? The answer is NO WHERE EXCEPT AT ULTIMATE GYM!!!

So , if you are thinking of getting with the program , then look no further.All the details are on the banner posted with this article.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Greetings and welcome to my blog.First of all,i would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce myself.
My name is TERRY GALLYOT and was born in the historical city of Malacca,Malaysia on the 17th of July,1969.I’m Eurasian,a mix of French,German,Chinese and Siamese.
As a kid,I have always been fascinated by such powerful physiques owned by bodybuilders that I have seen in magazines and television, and it then dawned upon to look like my idols. Back in 1987, at the age of 17,I decided to start weight training.I have never looked back since and have won numerous bodybuilding titles from state to national and even international levels.
Then, in 1991,i accomplished yet another one of my ambitions,and that was to own my own gym,hence the establishment of ULTIMATE GYM.Here,I offer proper programs and facilities to all my clients,whatever their objectives may be. As to where will I be a few years from now?To turn pro and promote my own bodybuilding shows not forgetting,expanding ULTIMATE GYM.

Have a fun filled tour of my site,

Yours Truly
1999 Heavyweight Mr. Asia.