Friday, May 17, 2013 - Revamped !

As promised, this here serves as an official announcement that has been totally revamped and is up and running.

Prior to this, my official website had many flash applications rendering it useless to those who use any sort of Apple products. So my bro MURAD ZAIDI helped me re-do the entire site to what it is now.
Many thanks to you bro !!!

The site basically delivers some artistic and graphic ideas while delivering the necessary information...keeping it sweet and simple.
Picture below is just the header from the website. To view the rest, just click HERE.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rant Updates - Ultimate Gym - serious fitness.

It's been a while since I updated my blog. It has been a rather busy period for me, with work plus was pretty much brain dead for the duration. Anyhow, just to inform readers out there that Ultimate Gym now also offers gym members, or even non gym members an option to purchase several brands of food supplements.

Apart from that, my personal website too has been totally revamped and will be launched very soon. Official announcement will be made very soon. A very special thanks goes out to my buddy Murad Zaidi for helping me create a new theme for my website. It will be straight and simple where by it can be viewed by all computer operating systems.

Ultimate Gym will also be undergoing a few more transformation. Several more equipments will be upgraded by mid June 2013. By such time, every piece of equipment would have been upgraded to a newer version for better function. More on that when the equipments arrive.

In the mean time, business is running as usual. Personal Training services as well as Diet & Nutrition programs are also offered right here at Ultimate Gym. To follow on what's going on , follow us HERE.

Till my next update.......TRAIN HARD ! TRAIN SMART !