Saturday, August 18, 2007

PROBUFFEDBODIES FORUM -Malaysia's Premiere Bodybuilding & Fitness Forum.

I've been visiting many bodybuilding and fitness forums over the years and i have noticed one thing , most are out of our country,Malaysia.These forums seem to be very informative and active with lots of people posting daily just about anything.I realised tho,we in Malaysia do not really have an active bodybuilding and fitness forum ourselves.

I felt that there should be one here , just for all of us in this country to find out more about what's goin on here itself.This way a lot more information can be made accessible to everyone here,or even out of Malaysia on subjects such as when events are taking place , where etc , top bodybuilders of Malaysia , pictures perhaps and the list goes on.I say this simply because i've noticed that we hardly have any database for such information.Forget the newspapers coz there's nothing in it basically that covers bodybuilding or any fitness shows.

So folks , here it is , , our very own forum on this matter.Formed on the 15th of August 2007 , I hope this forum will continue to grow with all the support from you people out there.Just so you know , i already have 2 IFBB Pro's onboard , Wong Hong (Malaysia) and Marcos Chacon (Spain) with another 2 to come , Vince "the prince" Taylor (USA) and Big Luke Wood (Australia).These are my buddies and they have graciously accepted my invite to be part of this soon to be great forum!
So what are you lot waiting for? Go on , get yourselves registered in PROBUFFEDBODIES FORUM today!!!

Monday, August 06, 2007


Hey folks , after speaking to my supplement director , he decided that we should come up with a catchy name for our e-store.After days of cracking our heads trying to figure a name for our store , we decided to have you people out there jump in the band wagon to help us name our online store.

Afterall more heads then one or in our case two , would definitely be better rite?The name has to be short yet catchy and most importantly , has to be a .com address that is available.
So how about putting on your thinking caps and figure out a name for this store?

Thanks a million in advance folks!

leave your suggestions in the comment section below,thanks!

Friday, August 03, 2007


(Rough impression of the front page)

Since promoting the supplements listed in my previous post , there has been many enquiries regarding the product.Many were out of towners while bulk were from Kuala Lumpur.

I guess we should all be very proud that Malaysia is finally producing our very own sports supplement range that would eventually be marketed overseas.

Since getting a rather overwhelming response regarding these products from the public , I decided to have a meeting with the manufacturer's director to start an online store to make these products available to the masses at a more convenient way .... rather than having to come all the way to my gym and he agreed to my idea.

I will manage this site , and eventually add articles regarding the local sports and bodyduilding scene , kinda turning it into a one stop e-shop cum info database for sports in Malaysia.Cool no?

Keep a lookout for this e-store and be sure to bookmark this address as it's comin your way pretty soon!!!