Thursday, October 10, 2013

POWER COUPLE - Revisited.

It is now moving into our 4th year being together. Both Lilian Tan and I share the same passion as far as bodybuilding is concerned . Of course there are several other interests that we both share but bodybuilding is top of the list. We are now being identified by certain sectors of the public as 'The Power Couple' simply because  both of us are into bodybuilding but that wouldn't be complete. Not until we are seen and heard conducting talks , giving motivational seminars or bodybuilding workshop together.

 Often enough, we would sit and discuss materials related to fitness and bodybuilding, diet and nutrition and so forth. Knowing that someday we would like to venture into this area, we started putting things together just to be prepared for that very day.

Well , that moment came much sooner than anticipated. Before we knew it, we were contacted by Mr.Dan Ling, proud owner of Phoenix Gym, located in Kuching, Sarawak. He wanted us to fly over to conduct a fitness, bodybuilding and nutrition workshop at his gym. I am sure it was quite an experience for the people that attended our program.

Lilian and I were very excited and happy with everything considering this was to be our very first time conducting a fitness and bodybuilding workshop together. History was made that day! We are certain that our workshop helped shed some light to those that were present that day. As time goes by, both of us will definitely try to offer more packages related to this wonderful industry.

Mr.Dan Ling, owner of Phoenix Gym, Kuching, Sarawak was certainly a very good host too. On top of giving us this opportunity to work together, his hospitality was par none!
Someday, we would hope to be able to travel around the country, providing valuable information on how to live a healthy lifestyle through bodybuilding. Until that day comes, Live life Full Throttle, Live Life Healthy !