Friday, November 25, 2005


Today i received news from my federation - MBBF , regarding my ban from competition.After more than a year of sitting in the dark , the federation called me up to give me the good news.My suspension has been lifted!
Although i may not compete anytime soon , nevertheless it is good to know that i'm no longer treated as an outcast.Will i do the nationals etc next year?Well , let us see how my finances turn out first.The fire within me to compete still blazes hot.
To my fans out there who have supported me all this while , YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE LAST OF TERRY GALLYOT! I will come back bigger and in better condition!
All things said and done about my federation , i must admit that they have indeed been lenient with me.I owe them quite a MBBF , THANK YOU VERY MUCH!



THE SPCA needs your help. For almost 50 years, this independently-run shelter has been there, helping countless number of neglected, abused and abandoned animals. Selflessly, the committee, staff and volunteers have toiled just so ones without the gift of speech would have a place to go, to be fed, cared for and loved until a new home is found.
Now, it is your turn to do something for the shelter that has run into some trouble.
For years, the SPCA has battled problems of inadequate funding, space and manpower. In spite of these problems, the spirit of the people behind the SPCA has prevailed, and it has managed to achieve so much, especially successful adoptions of unwanted animals.
Now, the SPCA might lose the land it rests on.
The small patch of land that it operates on in Ampang Jaya, Selangor, isn’t its own but is on lease from the Selangor government. The land, however, is under threat of being sold to property developers.
This means that the SPCA --- with its hundreds of cats and dogs --- face eviction.
Apparently, an alternative location has been offered --- in Putrajaya. If the SPCA has to move all the way there, it is unlikely that people with unwanted animals will bother to drive all the way over there to hand them over. What will happen, in all likelihood, is that there will be an increase in stray cat and dog populations all over the city when people dump their unwanted animals.
The SPCA is looking to raise funds to buy its own plot of land, where it will be free from interference. It also needs more funds to maintain the shelter and its residents.
Currently, it costs about RM50,000 a month to keep things going --- which include the cost of feeding the animals, medical bills and staff salaries. The shelter receives more than 1,000 animals each month. Many have to be put down because of the inadequate funds and space.
We need the SPCA to carry on functioning as an animal shelter. We need the SPCA to continue its awareness work on animal rights issues. We need the SPCA to continue campaigning for penalties to be increased, and people who do wrong by animals are duly punished. We need the SPCA, and it is our duty to step in and help the shelter that has helped so many animals.
So what can you do?
· Check out for ideas on what you can do to help, from volunteering, to making donations.
· Neuter your pets.
· Adopt a pet from the SPCA instead of buying a pedigree from a pet store.
· Do not abandon your pet.

The SPCA is located at:Jalan Kerja Air Lama,68000 Ampang. Selangor. Malaysia.Tel: (03) 4256-5312, 4253-5179Fax: (03) 4252-8382E-mail: every day from 9am to 4pm)


Two of my good friends -
Top with mask - Sami Al Haddad of Bahrain
Bottom - Syed Fadzli of Malaysia

Paying tribute to two of my close friends whom recently competed at the World Musclemania held in Hollywood.
Sami,who is from Bahrian has always been a good bodybuilder.Very dedicated to the sport of bodybuilding just as Syed,these two fine gentlemen decided to give Musclemania a go.For Sami and Syed,this is their first pro show with musclemania.Syed won the World Musclemania middleweight class in 2004 earning his pro card while Sami whose physique was so impressive that the organisers gave him his pro card upon seeing his pictures earlier this year.
Both men were in excellent condition on the competition day.Sami won the show while Syed garnered 4th.Not bad for our fine asian bodybuilders considering this is their first pro show.We all used to see a lot of westerners winning most of the big shows but in recent years,our asian brothers have stepped up the ladder considerably.Hopefully in the years to come we will see more of our asian brothers doing very well in the international arena.This page is dedicated to the two champs,Sami and Syed.Well done bros'!