Thursday, May 29, 2008


Good news for dog lovers
(The Star, 22 Mar 2006)

GOOD news for dog lovers who live in condominiums and flats: you may be able to keep canines in your homes soon.

Nanyang Siang Pau reported that the Housing and Local Government Ministry had finalised its draft of bylaws on dog ownership, and once this was approved the residents of high-rise buildings would be allowed to own dogs.

However, the dog owners will have to obtain written approval from the local authorities.
The ministry had also agreed to set up a veterinary department responsible for overseeing the licensing of dogs and maintaining a record of the dogs, the daily added.

It also quoted Malaysian Association for Responsible Pet Owners president Dr Jon S. Satyamoorthy as saying that dog owners would have to take their pets to the department for health checks, and could apply for licences once the department had given its clearance.
He hoped the draft would be approved and enforced within two months.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Just a quick post folks.
For those who know me personally, will know i'm a huge animal lover and it truly saddens me to see these poor animals being either abused or abandoned.

What's worse is that these wonderful creations of god that are left abandoned by humans will eventually face a horrible ending.Some are poisoned , run over , shot or put down with a lethal injection.

I urge whoever that reads my blog to have a heart and spare a bit of your time to help spread the word out about the misfortunes of these lovely creatures.A lil' support from all of you will go a long way.You may never know when someone out there may just adopt one of these pets and actually spare a life or two.

Currently this site , an indipendant volunteer/pet-rehomer is helping to re-home some of these pets , similar to what our SPCA is doing.Please have a look at this site to see what other pets are being sheltered at the moment.All or rather , ANY support given will be greatly appreciated , both by the volunteer and these pets.

REMEMBER! Each one of you can make a difference!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Yes folks i know i have not updated my blog in a while and i do apologise for it.I've been through quite a bumpy ride lately which in turn made me feel a lil' burnt out in just about everything....including blogging.To make it simple , i'll just put it down in point form coz' i'm still not really in the mood to write a long story lah.

This is what went down;-
1) My dad got diagnosed for diabetes and hypertension which meant changes around the house.Visits to the doctors etc.He's stabalised now. *phew*

2) My dog that i had given to my friend to look after...ran away! It's been almost 1 1/2 months now. We tried looking for him but no luck.Been feeling really down coz' i do not know what his fate is...dead or alive?!

3) Tore my right bicep a bit while moving in another treadmill for the gym.Still hurts when i try to workout.Will have to lay off training for a while to let it fully heal otherwise it may rip further.

4) Hurt my lower back...AGAIN! ...... from undressing to take a bath!!! Freakin Hell!!!Can you imagine that??!! All the heavy training and i'm fine BUT taking off my pants to shower and i get injured!!!Still hurting eventhough it's been almost 1 month.No sudden moves now or it's gonna tweak again. Looks like the end of my competitive bodybuilding career..or whatever's left of it.

So as you can see, these chain of events have left me drained and goes on right?!
Basically i tried channelling all these bad energy/mood into something more positive ie. my gym/business.And what do you know?! It worked out great!

All i did was re-arrange the quiptments around the gym to bump up everyone's mood ,brought in another treadmill (yup...the same one that had caused my bicep to tear) , interacted even more with my members and the next thing i know , i was swamped with more work coz' i had gotten so many new seemed to have picked up quite considerably compared to prior months.
Anyway,just to show you guys what ULTIMATE GYM looks like on the inside after the home away from home ....and for many others too!