Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Body Building Grandma










Body Building Grandma Ernestine Shepherd Bench Presses, Runs Marathons At 73  

Grandmother Up Every Day at 3 a.m. and Says 'I Feel Better Than I Did at 40'

Taut abs and rippling muscles aren't exactly the stuff grandmothers are known for. But then again neither are marathons and cell phones that play the theme to "Rocky."
Body building grandma, 73, runs marathons, benches 150 lbs.
At 73, Ernestine Shepherd is in better shape than most people decades her junior. Up at 3 a.m. every morning, she spends her days running, lifting weights and working out other senior citizens at the Union Memorial United Methodist Church in Baltimore. She also works as a certified personal trainer at her gym.



Today, the 28th of April 2010, Wednesday, is my third week using Olivanol capsules. If you have been following my progress, you will notice that I have somewhat had some pretty good progress. Most of my joints don't hurt as much as before...although the more severe problem areas such as the left knee and lower back are still nagging a is not as bad as before.

I'd say the pain level now is down to a 4 out of 10 , down a notch from last weeks 5. I still have 5 weeks to go so I guess things should look a bit better by the end of my therapy. 

Overall, this product seemed to have helped me make some kind of recovery...better than when I was on Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM. Only problem now i'm facing is that i'm not as young as I was. LOL! With the joint pains reduced considerably, I am starting to lift heavy again. It's the only way I know how to train to get the best stimulus BUT in the process,could injure myself like straining the muscles. The last thing i need is a muscle tear and at this age, it could this "old man" has to keep reality in check every so often.

Good product overall...and although i'm not paid to say this, I would highly recommend others with joint problems to give it a try.

Check out my nest report in a weeks time...PEACE!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today Wednesday, 21st April, 2010,
my 2nd week into using Olivenol capsules.Up to this point, all my joint pains seem much better. On a scale of 1 to 10, it's gone down one more notch to a 5 from the previous of 6 ...originally an 8. Although it did not go down much this time around, it's still good enough for me as I've noticed my joints being somewhat stronger. All my training seem more comfortable and tolarable without major pain while performing my exercises.

I trained my shoulders last week and noticed considerable improvements with my movements and yesterday i went a bit heavier...usually I start with very light warm ups then work the poundages up. Typically i will max out at only 60lbs on dumbell presses due to the gruelling pain in my elbows BUT yesterdays workout, I managed to do 100lb dumbells with relative ease. Very very slight pain was felt. So i guess this stuff is actually helping.

Well tonight, I'm going to do arms. Let's see how much i can do now that the elbows seem much better. It's a great feeling being able to lift heavy again. I get such a rush from heavy training, plus the pumps i get are outrages..something I could not do nor feel for years due to all the joint pains I was experiencing.

Anyways, the journey to recovery continues!!! Hopefully all will be repaired after the 8th week is up. Till i update you guys again next week.....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today, 14th of April - Wed, I am finally at week 1 of being on Olivenol livin capsules. If you recall in my last post, I tagged my joint pains at 8 out of 10. Well as of today, exactly 1 week out, I am glad to announce that the pain that has plagued most of my joints seem somewhat reduced. I would rank it at about a 6 right now...down 2 notches from 8.

I noticed a lot lesser pain in my knees and elbows....however the pain in the lower back seems to have reduced ever so slightly...perhaps I would need more time for this area as there are so many nerves running through that area. Afterall I have only been on this product for exactly 1 week.

I have already had people asking me what the outcome is like...I have to keep reminding them that I've only been on this product for only a week and would need at least 8 weeks to really see drastic changes. That being said, I can tell you that any inflammation serrounding the joints will be noticeably reduced

Lets wait and see how I feel come week 2 and so on....hopefully it goes all the way to recovery or even 80%...I would be soOOooo happy!

See you guys next week then...

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Today the 7th of Arpil - Wednesday, I received my 8 week supply of Oilvenol livin capsules. For the next 8 weeks I will be keeping a close eye on how my body reacts to this supplement for my joint problems.As prescribed, I am to consume 2 capsules twice a day. Currently my main problem areas that hurt are my knees, lower back and sometimes elbow and wrist. Yes I know..I am a walking wreck!!!

Lets me try and tag my pain on a scale of 1 to 10. That way as I go along, we could see how much progress I have made so far.Currently I would put my pain level at 8 because eventhough I am in a relax position, there is some pain radiating around my problem area.

I tell you, if this product works, I'm gonna get Olivenol to endorse me as their spokesperson hehehehee!!!
Gotta go...update you people in a weeks time!

Peace out!


How many times have you heard someone complain of joint pains? I'm very sure at some point of time, you would have heard someone either in or outside the gym mention this to you. Typically, there are many factors that could bring about this dilemma in an individual. In my case, it is due to years of heavy lifting...24 years to be exact!!!

Of course some of my problems are related to displacement of some nerves which can actually mimic a typical joint pain. For these sort of problems I usually seek the help of a friend who is a certified Myotherapist. But some of the other joint problems like the knee, elbows and wrists etc.would require a different approach. A Myotherapist will not be able to fix worn out cartilages, tendons and ligaments.

This is when I turned to joint protection supplements....the idea is for it to work from within by consuming these products regularly. I have tried using Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM for months but only to be dissappointed by the outcome. Nothing happened! Nada!

Then I started using another product called Super Cissus Rx which is supposed to help strengthen your joints and help rebuild cartilage etc...already on it for more than a month...yet still not much difference. People have made claims that this product is so good that within a couple of weeks they feel so much better...I guess my case is very different because nothing happened.

Of course I've not forgotten to add some essential fatty acids along the way...such as omega 3 & 6 to help with its anti inflammatory properties that  relieves joint pain.

So, in my quest to look for the right supplement to help with my chronic pain from wear and tear, I came across Olivenol livin' products. I've seen and heard of this products some 2 years ago and have heard first hand on how this stuff is good and all. So I actually wrote to them explaining my situation and as a small challenge, they offered me their products to try out. All i have to do is keep a record here on my blog on a weekly basis updating people on how my progress is coming along.

Well, my batch of goodies just arrived today and all i need to do is take 2 capsules twice a day for 8 weeks. So guys, if any of you who have joint problems, you may want to keep track of my weekly report here. Who knows, it may help you solve your problems too.