Monday, October 03, 2011

WBPF World Amateur Championship 2011.

Malaysia will play host for the World Amateur Bodybuilding Championship for the third time this coming November. The first was back in 1990 and second in 2000 but at that time was an affiliate to the IFBB but the third one is under a new organization called WBPF. This new organization came about when there was a riff between ABBF and IFBB. Many interesting and promising things to come under this new org. ...just wait and see!

Anyway, back to the topic, Malaysia as I have mentioned, will be playing host to the World Championship for the third time and it will be held in Melaka , Malaysia from the 9th to the 14th of November 2011. As always, Malaysia puts on a spectacular event and this year will be nothing short of spectacular.

Datuk Gan, the "Godfather" of Malaysian bodybuilding will be sponsoring some really awesome trophies at this event. To view write up on this go HERE.

For those who wish to know more about this historical event to be held in Melaka can read HERE.

Tentatively, the itinerary is as follows:-
8th Nov 2011 ( Tue) - Arrival of the WBPF Executive Members.
9th Nov 2011 (Wed) - Arrival of all teams.
10th Nov 2011 (Thu) - Weigh In
11th Nov 2011 (Fri)   - Pre Judging (10am)  for :- 55kg , 65kg, 75kg, 85kg, 100kg.( Mahkota Ballroom)
                                    - Finals          (7pm) -          Jonker Walk Open air Theater.

12th Nov 2011 (Sat) - Pre Judging (10am)  for :- 60kg, 70kg, 80kg, 90kg, Over 100kg
                                                                                (Mahkota Ballroom)
                                   - Finals           (7pm) -          Jonker Walk Open air Theater.

13th Nov 2011 (Sun)   - 10am     -  Sightseeing/tour of Melaka for all participants
14th Nov 2011 (Mon) -  12 noon - Checkout/ Departure.

Once we have confirmed the names of those representing our country, I will post up their names. In the mean time hang on tight for a spectacular and historical event taking place right here in Melaka, Malaysia hometown!
Block those dates and come root for your Malaysian team!!!