Monday, August 01, 2016

The Common Misconception of Ultimate Gym.

Since establishing Ultimate Gym way back in 1991, our initial concept was very bodybuilding oriented simply because I was such a big fan of bodybuilding plus I was a competitive bodybuilder. I went on to train many bodybuilders over the years and in doing so, produced many champs!

In doing so, I somewhat built a rather stereotypical image that Ultimate Gym was ONLY FOR THE HARDCORE BODYBUILDERS and that regular folks wanting to just keep fit will not fit in nicely.
These comments are quite the contrary actually. While I was into bodybuilding, training several people for bodybuilding competition, I was also helping the other non-bodybuilding folks achieve their goals. Building somewhat of a reputation in this country, people assumed and still assume that we are only all about bodybuilding.

Over the years, I have actually tried softening our image to a more fitness oriented club. Somehow people still seem to view and associate my club as a hardcore bodybuilding center.

Years have passed and although my number 1 passion is still bodybuilding, I think it is very important that I stress once more that we are a fitness center and we actually cater to a much broader spectrum of fitness goals.

Anything from Personal Training to Nutrition and Workout Program Consultations to Weight Loss or just General Fitness and overall well being, is the direction Ultimate Gym has taken.

Here are some pictures that I believe will show that bodybuilding is not our main focus these days and that our clients comes for various objectives and goals.

So, there you go folks, a MYTH that has to be debunked once and for all!
Ultimate Gym - serious fitness covers a broad spectrum of goals for our clients needs and wants.

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Here's to a happy and healthier generation!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Putting out the word.

Here's a very quick post.
Just to highlight our personal training services to the public.
We provide you with knowledge you can use for a long time to come!

Make the change! Contact us today!



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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ultimate Gym - serious fitness ~ flyers.

When you own and run a service company, you can never stop promoting or highlighting your advertisements and services you provide.

It has to be consistent in order to get the word out to the masses that you are here and this is what you offer. Of course things can get tedious having to keep thinking of new ways to promote your business but that's the reality of things and has to be addressed.
For a service industry such as a fitness center or gym like us, we continually try to put the word out there for the public who may be looking for just what we have to offer.

This , as you can see, is our latest 2016 flyer!
You may also find us on Google + , just go to this link:- Ultimate Gym on Google +


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ultimate Gym - serious fitness - Celebrating 25th anniversary!

 As of January 2016, Ultimate Gym - serious fitness is proud to announce our 25th anniversary.

We have come a long way in this industry, having to go through so many trials and tribulation, but God willing, we will continue to provide our services to everyone who loves fitness and weight training.

Ultimate Gym , as some have put it , is more like an institution to many. So much so, it has become somewhat of a second home to so many people.
Our close knit members in our fitness center are constantly looking out for one another. We have had members who have had their second generation come to us while there are also others that met their spouses here. True story!
Anyway, to commemorate our Silver Jubilee , we will be printing some limited edition t-shirts both in full black with gold print and full red with gold print very soon.
Of course, we are also looking into organizing a get together come open day for all our members that have supported us throughout our entire existence.
More details on that soon!

Meanwhile, here area couple of our artist's impression on how the design of our silver jubilee t-shirts will look like.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

LILIAN TAN - WBPF World Womens Champion - Website Intro.

Those of you that follows the WBPF bodybuilding scene, will likely know of Lilian Tan, who happens to be a 2 x WBPF Womens World Champion, once in 2012 and again in 2014.

At first, Lilian did not think of creating a website yet as she felt that there was nothing to share BUT after 2 World titles under her belt, her friends and loved ones persuaded her to create one. Because the name to the domain was already taken, and without wasting anymore time, I decided to help create one for her using a free hosting site until a suitable domain name comes along.

Currently, Lilian is a certified ISSA Personal Trainer and is open to accepting clients both online as well as in person. For those who are keen to at least know a little bit of her background and services, may go to her temporary website to get in touch with her.

To go to her website, please click  LILIAN TAN's WEBSITE

2016 - New Year for Ultimate Gym!

When Ultimate Gym - serious fitness was established way back in Jan 91',  we we noted more as a hardcore bodybuilding gym although we provided other services such as Tae Kwon Do, Karate and Aerobics on top of the gym.

For many years we operated Ultimate Gym as a hardcore center producing some memorable names in bodybuilding today. But over the years, we noticed that the trend was slowly shifting towards another direction. While we still provide bodybuilding coaching, we also noticed that there are now greater numbers of those wanting to better their lives ie. better health and quality in life, slimming and also some rehab.

While the gym business saw a great boom over the recent years, many are focused towards bodybuilding and physique building services. That is great news! However, we at Ultimate Gym have been there and done that thus is looking at shifting our focus towards another area where the bulk of our focus will be the general public.

We believe that there are so many people out there wanting to change their current lifestyle for the better but do not know how to go about it. This in itself, have greater numbers and we are very sure we will be able to at least help some, if not all that comes to us to achieve their goals!

As in bodybuilding, both exercise and nutrition plays a huge role in one's wellness, and if you do not know how to go about it, the let us show you how. Details are posted in the picture of our service/contact plaque above.

New Year, New You! Make It Happen!