Monday, January 06, 2014

ULTIMATE GYM - New Look & Feel - 2014 !

A lot has taken place in the last couple of years here at ULTIMATE GYM !

With the fitness industry booming and going crazy, gyms are popping up just about everywhere, it was only right and necessary for us to refurbish our gym as well. It wasn't as though the facilities we had before were redundant but, to appease the likings of the public, we decided to go with the flow and have some of the newer design machines brought in.

The entrance to the gym were also given a new lease of life with new vibrant colours as opposed to the dull ones we had earlier adopted. Vibrant colours do, to a certain extent, effect our mood in the gym so we made sure some of the colours we chose for the gym were just enough to spark a positive mood while not overdoing it.

We are also going to upgrade the existing pictures of some of the great champs in bodybuilding to a broader spectrum of sports such as boxing, martial arts, basketball, swimming and so on. To a certain degree, this would add spice to the gym where members will not feel as though this center is purely for bodybuilders but that it also caters to sports outside of bodybuilding.

Hopefully, with god's grace...and more planning, we will be able to further upgrade our facilities so that members will receive even better facilities and services.

2014 will hopefully see more improvements !