Thursday, February 23, 2006


Just to inform you people out there that i'm in the midst of creating my own basic website.So those of you who would like to visit it,kindly go to to check it out.

As i get more familiar with the settings, i will add more stuff to my website.In the mean time , i hope that you will visit my site and perhaps drop me a line or two.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006


With SUMO-LAH postponed, i can now focus on promoting my gym again and what better time to do so too than at the begining of a new year.So far 2006 looks quite promising for me....but that doesn't mean i should be a slacker if i wanted things to run smoothly this year.

This year,i plan on improving the cardio range in my fitness centre.I'm looking at the possibility of getting tredmills and perhaps the elipticle cycle.You may be wondeing why i didn't get them from the very start.The answer is rather simple.Majority of my members here don't use them.I had a treadmill put in before and all they did was take a couple of strides on it and walked away saying "nahhhh...not for me!"What a blow as it cost money to buy them and in the end ,members don't want to use it,hahahaa.For this year though, i will be targetting more clients who wants more of the cardio range rather than free weights and machines...mainly the women...coz you all know...where there's honey,there will be bees heheheehe!

Ok, so what makes Ultimate Gym so different?Simple! Because i'm not a huge establishment,therefore i'm able to give my clients more attention. Plus , with almost 2 decades of experience behind me , both theory and practicle...well mostly practicle, i practice what i preach , and i know for a fact that i'm more qualified than a majority of instructors out there in the fitness industry today.

You're probably thinking that i must charge an arm and a leg for my services after reading my comments above.Quite the contrary .I will provide and continue providing all my gym members with adequate facilities and added services like proper weight training ,diet and nutrition councelling etc.,as long as they need my services and of course, as long as they are still my paying customer, all of which is included in the gym fees that they pay every month.How cool is that???!

Right,to give everyone a clearer picture,here are my typical rates.


That's all you need to pay.....of course i have other packages for those who wish to pay in advance , usually they will receive discounts.Not too shabby right??? Well folks....if any of you out there , in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia ,of course,plans to get in shape , don't hesitate to look me up at Ultimate Gym - "no other like it!"

Monday, February 06, 2006


Well folks,it seems that the much anticipated movie SUMO-LAH by Afdlin Shauki will be pushed to early April due to another project that Afdlin had to deal with first.
I was kinda disappointed at first when i heard this news,but what the hell,it's still gonna happen,only a lil later ,so i'll just have to hang in there with the extra baggage on me for a just couple of months longer.Not very pleasing to the eye being fat, especially when you are a bodybuilder hahahahaaa.Not forgetting the people that are thinking of signing up at ULTIMATE GYM who may be wondering why the hell is the instructor...yours freakin' fat....hahahahahaaaa.
Nevertheless,i strongly believe it will be worth the wait for SUMO-LAH.With Afdlin on a roll right now as actor/director etc,and with a mission to revive the popularity of local movies amongst Malaysians ,just like in the good ol' days of the legendary late P.Ramlee,i believe it will make or rather force other producers/directors to come up with better storylines for their movies . All the better ,i must say,as over the last couple of decades, we have seen some pretty horrible local movies hitting the silver screen.
Well,it's time for me to hit the weights now...and maybe regain a lil shape....hahahahahaaa,till my next post...