Monday, February 06, 2006


Well folks,it seems that the much anticipated movie SUMO-LAH by Afdlin Shauki will be pushed to early April due to another project that Afdlin had to deal with first.
I was kinda disappointed at first when i heard this news,but what the hell,it's still gonna happen,only a lil later ,so i'll just have to hang in there with the extra baggage on me for a just couple of months longer.Not very pleasing to the eye being fat, especially when you are a bodybuilder hahahahaaa.Not forgetting the people that are thinking of signing up at ULTIMATE GYM who may be wondering why the hell is the instructor...yours freakin' fat....hahahahahaaaa.
Nevertheless,i strongly believe it will be worth the wait for SUMO-LAH.With Afdlin on a roll right now as actor/director etc,and with a mission to revive the popularity of local movies amongst Malaysians ,just like in the good ol' days of the legendary late P.Ramlee,i believe it will make or rather force other producers/directors to come up with better storylines for their movies . All the better ,i must say,as over the last couple of decades, we have seen some pretty horrible local movies hitting the silver screen.
Well,it's time for me to hit the weights now...and maybe regain a lil shape....hahahahahaaa,till my next post...


Kambink Sempoy said... wonder you look big than usual. i thought u r preparing for like next comp.kwahaha..good luck for that film..

julsz said...


mak aihh, terry!