Monday, January 23, 2006


You may be wondering who the heck these two fatties are ......looks so familiar lah!'s none other than the Sumo Twins...Awie and me,Terry.Here we are in the Dohyo(sumo ring) in Shah Alam during a training session for Afdlin Shauki's upcoming movie,SUMO-LAH!
Yes,we are looking very fat here...but it's to make the characters in the movie as real as possible.To tell you the truth,neither one of us likes carrying all those extra blubber around.It's very tiring mind you....but what the hell,it's only temporary.After all,we are getting paid to do this hahahaha!

Here we have Mr Gurmeet Singh aka Mr Phua Chu Kang trying to intimidate his opponent by ripping the punching bag in half......Ok!Ok! So he's not that strong really hahahahaaa!Talk about being a drama queen and all.Actually the punching bag was already ripped in half when we got there so as usual,Gurmeet will be the one to mess about....looks real though.Gurmeet will be on my side in SUMO-LAH! So,you can imagine the ruckus and all during filming heheheeeee!

This picture here was also taken during our training.One things for sure,it is so tiring training for sumo wrestling.It's no joke the regime these sumo wrestlers go through.They are not only fit but very agile and flexible as well.I nearly died from trying to do the stretches they usually do hahahahaaaaa!OH! And the Mawashi(adult pampers),are like cardboards wrapped around you.Imagine having a 2 inch cardboard running up your crack!!!

Overall,i think this movie will be such a hit as i truly believe in Afdlin's capabilities.Look at Baik Punya Cilok,now playing in cinemas.I went to watch it over the weekend,and i must admit,for someone who isn't too fond of malay movies,i'd have to give Afdln a big pat on his shoulders.This movie was bloody hillarious and had all the elements needed to make it a great box office movie.

Well,let's see what happens.I shouldn't say too much about SUMO-LAH too!Don't want to take the flavour out of the movie before its even let's be patient and see how it turns out when it hits the silver screen.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


These two affectionate, smooching pets are yours for the asking.

DON'T breed or buy, while homeless animals die. This is the message which the Penang Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) hopes to sent across to the public.

Stray dogs and cats with disease-stricken fur and skeletal bodies are often spotted scavenging thrash cans for scraps of food.
And to shield from downpours or the scorching sun, they will seek shelter underneath parked cars, drain covers or at a bus stop, if they are lucky.

Survival is their only aim in life.

Such disturbing sights are a stark contrast to that of pedigree animals which are dolled up in trendy wear and served gourmet pet food.

The society's administrator Lily Leng said: “For every pet that is bought from a breeder, an animal in the shelter is put to sleep.

These two(top pic) affectionate, smooching pets are yours for the asking.
“If more people start adopting homeless animals, there will be less demand for breeders to produce more pedigrees.”

She said that if given a chance, strays could make wonderful pets as well.
“To you, he's a dog. To him, you're his everything. With proper care and attention, a pet's devotion knows no bounds.

“He shows his unconditional love through simple but meaningful ways – licking your hand, wagging his tail or jumping up in glee when you return home.
“A dog is a dog, regardless of its breed. Every dog is equally lovable and intelligent,” she added.

Leng said pets should not to be discarded at the owners' whims and fancy like some old toy or out-of-fashion dress.

“They are creatures with feelings which have laid their lives in your hands. However, I have come across many cases where dogs and cats are adopted and then returned to us once they have outgrown their cuteness.

“All puppies and kittens look cute. Thus, children would pester their parents to adopt one. The problem starts when the novelty of owning a pet wears off or the animal is no longer adorable.

“Although it is fun to play with the animals, the responsibility of regularly feeding and cleaning up after them may not be so appealing.

“It's also ironic to find owners spending RM2,000 to buy a pedigree and haggle over a vaccination fee of RM35,” she said.

Incepted in 1948, the Penang SPCA is a non-profit organization maintained by a humble group of devoted members who is keen on furthering the welfare of animals.
Despite its heavy overhead costs, low public financial support and absence of state aid, the shelter has been functioning against all odds.

The society's three vans go out daily to collect strays. There are currently 43 dogs and 16 cats up for adoption.

Of the total 3,618 animals collected last year, 3.6% (134) found homes.
To curb the population of strays, the Trap, Neuter and Spay Programme was incepted in 2002. Some 100 cats and dogs had benefited from it so far.
The society is also appealing for volunteers and donations to build a 12-cage cattery (cat house).

Apart from organising exhibitions and talks in schools upon invitation, SPCA holds a yearly children's camp to promote responsible pet ownership and handling of animals.
The shelter sells T-shirts, key chains, fridge magnets, bookmarks and calendars to raise funds for its activities.

It also provides treatment to sick and injured animals at its clinic from 2pm to 4pm on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Donations, which are income tax exempted, can be made to SPCA Penang and addressed to its office in Jalan Jeti, Jelutong, 11600 Penang.

For details, contact 04-2816559, email to or check out its website


This cute pet is up for adoption.

WANTED: A caring owner to love her. Sadly, Bozo the Sharpei had not found this with her previous owner.

When Bozo was dumped at the Penang SPCA's shelter, she was a pitiful sight. She had skin disease and there was barely any fur left on her skin.
The society's secretary, Dr G.S. Gill said: “She was to be humanely put away. Being of gentle nature, she laid obediently on the operation table.

“However, just as I was about to administer the injection, she put out her paw and look up into my eyes as if begging for her dear life. I didn't have the heart to go further.”

Today, her fur may have grown back and her disease gone but Bozo is still waiting for someone to love her.
This cute pet is up for adoption.

Dr Gill said so much could be done for dogs like Bozo if everyone from pet owners to the authorities view animal welfare as a serious issue.
“We have been trying to get the Penang Municipal Council to amend its outdated Dog By-Laws 1976 for more than 10 years but have yet to see the end of the tunnel.

“In our recommendations, all owners should spay their dogs and ensure that they scoop the animals' poop in public areas,” he said.
He also said there should be a standard by-law for all local governments instead of different ones for each.

In addition, he said the Animal Ordinance Act 1953 was no longer relevant to today's cases as perpetrators who commit animal cruelty acts could only be fined a maximum of RM200 or jailed six months or both.

Dr Gill said the society was advocating microchip implant as the answer to the identification of owners for a more effective implementation of the by-laws.
“One black dog looks like another black dog. If it is implanted with a microchip, its owners can be traced. Apart from promoting responsible ownership, this is also useful in the case of runaway, stolen or lost animals,” he said.

He said the society's fervent wish was for a philanthropist to donate a 0.8ha piece of land for it to build a bigger shelter.

“We have been occupying land owned by the council since 1993. Our 30-kennel shelter is already bursting at the seams.
“The society is forced to put many healthy animals, which are already vaccinated and spayed, to sleep due to space constraint.
“It pains us to do this and it is never an easy thing to decide,” he said with a sigh.

The society also planned to suggest to its counterparts in Malacca, Johor, Sarawak, Selangor, Negri Sembilan and Seberang Prai to form an umbrella body for a stronger voice.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


2006 took off pretty well for me i must say.Things seem to be brighter for ULTIMATE GYM too.Several talk shows and fitness shows which were shot late last year will be aired pretty soon.....good for the business as i'm sure it will boost the sales for my gym. On another note,i will be reuninted with long time buddy,Awie in another movie to be shot very soon.The last movie we were in together was back in 2003 entitled ISKANDAR (above)

AFDLIN and NANG NAK actress of Thailand.

Other than Awie,i heard that GURMIT SINGH (of Phus Chu Kang fame)and ERRA FAZIRAH too will be part of this new movie titled SUMO-LAH.

Now the person responsible for this new film is none other than actor/director and also another good buddy of mine MR AFDLIN SHAUKI(left most) .Afdlin came up to me one afternoon and just said...hey bro,I got a new movie comin' up soon and you are gonna be in it! Like music to my ears hahahaaa!Afdlin actually offered me roles both in BULI and BULI BALIK but unfortunately timing was bad for me at that time.Anyhow his next movie will be entitled SUMO-lah! It will be a very interesting one as there will be both local and international star cast in it.

Remember the beautiful lady from NANG NAK, the famous Thai horror/love story movie? Well ,she's going to be the heroine in this upcoming movie(pic top with Afdlin).This movie will be shot on location in Japan and all over Kuala Lumpur and from what i have heard,it will be screened in Thailand as well.Also they are trying to make it possible for this movie to be in some film festival thingy too.AWESOME HUH?Well lets see how this one turns out.Who knows...i could land myself with more movie roles ....just like the GOVERNATOR!!!Heheheheheehee!!!