Saturday, January 07, 2006


2006 took off pretty well for me i must say.Things seem to be brighter for ULTIMATE GYM too.Several talk shows and fitness shows which were shot late last year will be aired pretty soon.....good for the business as i'm sure it will boost the sales for my gym. On another note,i will be reuninted with long time buddy,Awie in another movie to be shot very soon.The last movie we were in together was back in 2003 entitled ISKANDAR (above)

AFDLIN and NANG NAK actress of Thailand.

Other than Awie,i heard that GURMIT SINGH (of Phus Chu Kang fame)and ERRA FAZIRAH too will be part of this new movie titled SUMO-LAH.

Now the person responsible for this new film is none other than actor/director and also another good buddy of mine MR AFDLIN SHAUKI(left most) .Afdlin came up to me one afternoon and just said...hey bro,I got a new movie comin' up soon and you are gonna be in it! Like music to my ears hahahaaa!Afdlin actually offered me roles both in BULI and BULI BALIK but unfortunately timing was bad for me at that time.Anyhow his next movie will be entitled SUMO-lah! It will be a very interesting one as there will be both local and international star cast in it.

Remember the beautiful lady from NANG NAK, the famous Thai horror/love story movie? Well ,she's going to be the heroine in this upcoming movie(pic top with Afdlin).This movie will be shot on location in Japan and all over Kuala Lumpur and from what i have heard,it will be screened in Thailand as well.Also they are trying to make it possible for this movie to be in some film festival thingy too.AWESOME HUH?Well lets see how this one turns out.Who knows...i could land myself with more movie roles ....just like the GOVERNATOR!!!Heheheheheehee!!!

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wiramas said...

Good luck and all the best to you my friend. May 2006 bring you happiness, joy and good wealth and health