Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Hey folks...back to post a really quick poll.

Just wondering what sort of physique you guys and gals out there love more?

1) The bodybuilder sort (big,ultra ripped and muscular to the max)

2) The model sort (lean and athletic)

3) The fitness model sort (lean,muscular yet not as big as bodybuilders)

Hit me back with your response and reasons ok peeps??
It would be very interesting to know what you folks out there actually prefer...physique wise of course LOL!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I have been busy with running the gym and doing personal training recently.
So a quick update here today.

1) Society plans with the "Datuk" has been scrapped!!! Yup,no society!That equates no sponsorship to go pro...for now! ( I am working on another deal elsewhere)

2) Working out a deal with an old friend to start another business venture.

3) Working out an internet (bodybuilding related) deal with the webmaster of www.mxmen.com .Hope it works out too.

4) Been offered to act in an international movie production from USA.My part was originally offered to Lou Ferrigno but he got the boot for asking too much $$$!I hear the shoot will take place sometime Aug/Sept in South Afica.I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this deal not to fail!

5) Another film offer by Afdlin Shauki later this year maybe.By the way,i just watched Sumo-lah and it was awesome.Very strong story line.A must see local movie that i promise you won't regret watching!!!

6) Still training but nursing 2 old injuries ...left knee and right shoulder.Sucks big time having injuries of such.

So since the whole society and sponsorship plan has been scrapped...no thanks to this "Datuk" , my plans to make a comeback may be slowed down a lot...unless i can find myself another legitimate sponsorship deal.

So guys,looks like there won't be any pics of my progress for a while.Let me get back to speed soon and i promise a follow up in regards to my training progress.
Thanks so much to all who reads/support my cause.
Till "PORKY" aka ME (LOL!) strikes back........