Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well these pictures were taken earlier while i was attending physiotherapy in ISN, Bukit Jalil.The person in charge was very good and had made sure I was taken care of.They put me under 3 different types of treatment.The sound wave/micro wave treatment, muscle stimulation and ultra sound.
It's been about 3 weeks since i got the injury but by day 12 of the injury i was already doing some light leg workout.The therapist told me not to but being a stubborn assed bodybuilder, I didn't listen hehehehehee!!! Went ahead and trained a little bit.Felt so good to be able to train legs again.I didn't push things the way I usually do tho because I couldn't risk re-injuring myself again especially this close to a competition.
Anyhow I'm on the mend right now and tonight I'm going to try to do legs again with a bit more intensity and see how things go.My check up with the doctor is 23rd April and I'm keen to hear what he has to say considering the fact that I have a 3rd degree tear which under normal circumstances would take a minimum of 2 months to recover THEN strength,conditioning and flexibility treatment that may take another month or so.
Thanks to UNO NUTRITION for providing me with ample amounts of high IGG/IGF whey protein and L-Glutamine that i believe helped me loads with my recovery.
If all goes as planned...Mr Malaysia 2009 will see the return of a brand new TERRY GALLYOT!!

Friday, April 03, 2009


Back in the late 80's, Malaysia used to have women's bodybuilding alongside the men's event's at both state and national level and we used to send them to international events too.Unfortunately there were some serious opposition by certain religious departments that deemed womens bodybuilding as inappropriate and so on.

It is such a shame that they mix religion with sports.So eventually, the local federation did not want to logger heads with those so called religious people and their organisation and made women's bodybuilding obsolete.Such a waste as I truly believe that Malaysia has some really good potential champions to offer.

In neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Phillipines, Korea, Japan and the list goeas on, they have actually such a good and strong womens team that has made it up to such high ranks internationally.

As for Malaysia, I have one very good example.Her name is Lilian Tan from Penang, Malaysia.Lilian moved to the States some 20 years ago.Currently residing in San Diego, California, Lilian was a huge fan of bodybuilding.Coming from a competitive swimming background I guess the transition to bodybuilding came relatively easy as both sports demanded a lot of commitment.

She put every ounce of energy along with a lot of sweat and tears into taking her physique to the next level.At that point, she had contacted our Malaysian federation about the possibility of representing Malaysia in womens bodybuilding and they basically said...No, sorry, we don't have women's bodybuilding here.They then gave her my contact number for her to reach me to find out more about other possibilities such as Musclemania and that's how we met and had a wonderful relationship develope over time.

Now I'm speaking on her behalf to the local federation about reinstating women's bodybuilding in Malaysia.They need not do an open event to public, instead do a selection and send the women abroad to compete and get some form of recognition.Of course the federation should cover the expenses for these women then as it is the only appropriate thing to do since these women will be representing the country.Anyway, the federation has mentioned that they will look into this matter at their next meeting which is taking place soon.

In the mean time, here's what Lilian achieved at her last show in 2004.She won her division and the overalls at the INBA Championship and was selected to represent team USA at the natural Olympia and came in 3rd as a pro.Watch the video clip and see what i mean when i said Malaysia has potential champs just waiting to burst into the scene.



this morning i managed to meet up with the doctor from ISN.He took a look at the injury i sustained and referred me to another department to identify for certain the level of injury i sustained.
The other doctor did an ultrasound scan around the effected area and discovered that i had sustained 2 tears! I was goin "WTF!!!" in my heart.
One tear about 1cm x 7mm on the Gracilis (see chart) located just behind the teardrop muscle of the thigh.This was a small one where the doctor wasn't too concerned about.
However, the second tear was located on my Adductor Magnus located at the groin and goes down all the way to the anterior portion of your knees.In the medical world, tears have degrees from 1 to 4.My tear was a 3rd degree one and considered a big tear.It measured about 10cm x 4 cm.Basically the muscle exploded inside leaving much clotting within the muscles.
The doctor reckons it would take up to 2 months for the injury to heal with proper care and physio treatment which starts on Monday 6th of April.
My competition will be in less than 4 months time so i will have to make sure I heal up as much and as fast as possible in order for me to train legs again.Doctors say 2 months...I'm making sure 1 month....afterall bodybuilders arent like any other regular athletes.We have very good nutrition behind us and that is the main key to a speedy recovery.
Of course I was disheartened to hear and experience all this especially now that I'm on a roll BUT all the more reason for me to stay focused and positive about it all.
My comeback must be nothing short of FANTASTIC! Sound arrogant? No, I'm just being very optimistic.

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Today, I went to Institute Sukan Negara (ISN) for my physio treatment.It was good to meet old friends there...still working with ISN all these years.

Anyway, I sustained my injury to the Adductor Magnus and Gracilis located on the inner thigh that attaches from the groin down to the knees. The incident happened on a saturday evening but the first sign of bruising appeared on a tuesday (I actually had people sms me asking me if that was an April Fool's joke hahahahahaa .... see pic in earlier post) and by today which is a thursday, the bruise had spread over to a larger area (see pic above).

The therapist says it is a second degree tear (whatever that means) and I would require treatment on a daily basis for about a week or more before the swelling and pain subsides.They rtold me not to do any form of leg presses or squats while extensions and curls are ok but in moderation.

Sucks big time especially when I have gained momentum and the spirit to make a comeback.I guess this comeback is going to be a real challenge on my part with obstacles that seem to shroud me.

Well, I've made up my mind to make a comeback and have made pretty decent progress thus far so it will be such a shame to quit now.

I'm already in full throttle so I come!!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Just when I'm gaining some serious momentum gearing up for my competition, I had to go tear a damn groin/hamstring muscle....SIGHHH!!!!
I was doing deep and heavy leg presses and suddenly i heard a "CLICK" on the inner left thigh but there was no pain at that time....TILL the next day!!!! OMFG!!! Woke up limping and sore and felt like the left thigh was over pumped and had a deep piercing pain to it.I figured it was just a strain and with some rest it would go away.
3 days later while taking a shower was when i actually realised the bruise and it got me worried coz that would only mean that there's a tear in the muscle.
Anyway, I'm on anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling medications now so the pain and swelling has reduced a bit.However if it persists, I will have to make time to go over to Bukit Jalil for physiotherapy and rehab treatment.Luckily being a national athlete, they provide these sort of medical treatment for free.
Well, this will definitely hinder my competition preparations as i won't be able to any leg workouts or anything that would require me to lean over.Boy this sucks big time!!!
I guess it's back to the planning board trying to figure out how to tailor a new workout schedule to work around my current injuries.Till my next post......