Friday, April 03, 2009


this morning i managed to meet up with the doctor from ISN.He took a look at the injury i sustained and referred me to another department to identify for certain the level of injury i sustained.
The other doctor did an ultrasound scan around the effected area and discovered that i had sustained 2 tears! I was goin "WTF!!!" in my heart.
One tear about 1cm x 7mm on the Gracilis (see chart) located just behind the teardrop muscle of the thigh.This was a small one where the doctor wasn't too concerned about.
However, the second tear was located on my Adductor Magnus located at the groin and goes down all the way to the anterior portion of your knees.In the medical world, tears have degrees from 1 to 4.My tear was a 3rd degree one and considered a big tear.It measured about 10cm x 4 cm.Basically the muscle exploded inside leaving much clotting within the muscles.
The doctor reckons it would take up to 2 months for the injury to heal with proper care and physio treatment which starts on Monday 6th of April.
My competition will be in less than 4 months time so i will have to make sure I heal up as much and as fast as possible in order for me to train legs again.Doctors say 2 months...I'm making sure 1 month....afterall bodybuilders arent like any other regular athletes.We have very good nutrition behind us and that is the main key to a speedy recovery.
Of course I was disheartened to hear and experience all this especially now that I'm on a roll BUT all the more reason for me to stay focused and positive about it all.
My comeback must be nothing short of FANTASTIC! Sound arrogant? No, I'm just being very optimistic.

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