Thursday, July 30, 2009


Mr.Malaysia 2009 is finally over! Having to push through the intense training and strict dieting day in day out for 7 months is finally at an end. However this does not mean it's over for is just the begining! I will be taking a short break from the daily regime just to heal and rest up my battered body then get back into the groove of things.Afterall, I have 2010 to look forward to and to redeem myself. Next year, Mr.Malaysia will be held in Penang and to be very honest, I wouldn't want to miss it for anything.

Anyways, I came in 2nd in the Heavyweight class at this year's Mr.Malaysia and to be quite honest I was pleased with what I've achieved thus far. After being out of competition for 6 years, I had quite a difficult time getting to know my body was like trying to balance a scale with sand on each side just to hit equilibrium. To make matters worse, I had to go tear a damn hamstring/adductor muscle and doctors told me to basically forget about any plans of competing as I sustained a 3rd degree simple english, a very bad tear!!!

This comeback was nothing short of pleasant with loads of excitement to boot. As my 40th birthday was a week before this show, 17th of July, I basically had to forego any plans of celebrating and scoffing my face with food and booz. But you know what?! All the waiting was worth it!!!

I made a comeback and placed 2nd after a 6 year hiatus, had my friends fly in from Australia, friends and gym members drove down to Johor from Kuala Lumpur, had friends drive in from Singapore, had Awie and his crew come support me at the show and the climax of it all had to be when my girlfriend showed up too!!! How sweet is that?! It get's better...when my turn came to step on stage, I received such overwhelming response from the audience where people were chanting "TERRY...TERRY...TERRY.." to the point my adrenaline rush was off the scale. Even the judges turned around to look at what I would call "RAISING DA' ROOF"! What an experience.... I just don't have the words to describe my feelings that Sunday afternoon.

After all that excitement, all of us adjourned to our respective rooms to get ready for a night out somewhere near The Zone. Our private lil' party continued with a lot of food and drinks, a post competition, reunion come belated birthday party if you may. From food to beers to more food and more beers topped off with jokes and more jokes to the point where everyone were left in stitches.

You know folks, my 40th birthday turned out nothing short of fabulous!!! I celebrated it with a huge bang by way of making a competitive comeback and not doing too shabby either, having my friends from all over the place come support me and the migration back to Malaysia by my wonderful girlfriend who was by my side every step of the way.

To those out there that did not get a chance to watch the Mr.Malaysia yet supported me and my cause, A WARM AND HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU OUT THERE!!! I wouldn't have had the strength to pull through if not for all the love and support I received from everyone.

Now, who ever said bodybuilding was an individual sport??? As far as I'm concerned, it's a team effort so once again, THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!! THIS ONE'S FOR YOU!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mr. FusionExcel 2009.

As promised in my earlier post, I will be updating you folks about what could possibly be the biggest purse and prizes in the history of Malaysia's bodybuilding scene.This will be the first bodybuilding event jointly organised between IFBB Pro Wong Hong and myself with Fusion Excel Pendant, the principle sponsor of this event and we PROMISE a great show!!!

There will be fitness demos, product demos, a bench press competition open to the public and also guest posing by the ONLY IFBB Pro in Malaysia, Wong Hong. Great prizes will be awarded to the winner of the bench press competition.

We will also be having a sub category in the bodybuilding event such as "BEST POSER" , "BEST ABDOMINALS" and "MOST MUSCULAR" where the winners of these categories will stand a chance to win more prizes.
There will be reporters from the press and tv stations present to cover our event and a high possibility of our new sports minister, Dato' Shabery Cheek attending it too!!!
Looking at the response we are getting, it looks very promising simply because we have already had enquiries both from local from neighbouring countries asking if they could participate in our show. Being our debut event, we take priority in our local boys first. Who knows maybe in the coming year or so we may extend invitations to our neighbouring countries to participate but for now, it's for Malaysians only.

All these exciting events will be taking place inside a high traffic mall, Carrefour, Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur this coming August 16th - Sunday so don't miss out on this great event!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Well folks, as I write this, I am about 2 weeks away from my Nationals...however I do not feel that I am at my best.I seem to be plagued by either injuries or illness everytime I'm nearing a show.These setbacks certainly claimed it's toll on me thats for sure BUT that does not mean that TERRY GALLYOT is out of the battle ;) !
Here is a short video clip of me during training which was taken by my buddy in the gym.

This year, I anticipate having a tough line up in the heavies which is usually one of the lesser tough class.Many of the younger kids moved up to this class and being so much shorter than I am, would look mind blowing with the mass on their frames.

All said and done, this ol' dog ain't about to let some youngling surpass the "OTAI" !Hahahaha!!!
It's is definitely going to be one of my most memorable competition come July 25th & 26th!!!

Ok, so my original goal was to go WIN the Nationals ;) , then get ready for Mr.Asia in Iran then SEA Championship in Oct in Pattaya, Thailand BUT now all plans are literally in the bin. As most of you already know, Iran is facing some political issues therefore the event has been awarded to Thailand instead and now that Thailand has to organise 2 major events which will milk them dry financially so to speak, what they have done is scrapped the Oct dates and merged everything into one long weekend of fitness and bodybuilding fair WHICH happens to be on the 16th of August.

Now, you may probably be what, this would give me more time to prepare...right? Well, thats not the issue. For the past one year both Wong Hong and I have been preparing and putting things into perspective to host what could possibly be Malaysia's biggest cash and prize award for a bodybuilding event to be held here in Kuala Lumpur.

Everything has been mapped out and WILL take place on AUGUST 16th, the very same day as the Mr.Asia in Pattaya, Thailand. And as an organiser, I certainly can't back out of this event that we have so religiously worked hard on the past one year. Too many things have been set up from sponsors to events to reporters for newspapers and TV to Sports Minister and the list goes on, for me to think of bailing out just so I can go compete at Mr.Asia. (More details on this awesome event in my next stay tuned!!!)

At first I was a bit disappointed simple because this was going to be my comeback year and I wanted to do as many local and international shows before the year is up BUT after I spoke to an official in MBBF, I figured it would be such a waste of time to feel upset.

WHY? Because I was told that eventhough someone has won their class at the nationals does not mean he has secured a place to represent the country at the Asia weekend. Apparently, MSN who allocates funds for athletes DO NOT HAVE A BUDGET FOR US!!! Can you believe the crap that comes out of their mouth??? Talk about short of being vulgar!!!

That's not all, MSN only will allocate the budget for those who have "TRACK RECORDS"!
WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT!!!!! How can anyone create any track record if he is never given a chance to compete internationally to prove himself??? WTF kinda talk is that!!??
And to add insult to injury, I was told that if anyone wanted to represent our beloved country, Malaysia, then HE WOULD HAVE TO PAY EVERYTHING FROM HIS OWN POCKET!!!

If I had to do just that then I may as well say I'm representing ULTIMATE GYM and not Malaysia because every penny for my preparations comes from my own pocket...not MBBF and most certainly NOT FROM MSN!!! But NooOOOOoo....we have to carry the Malaysian flag and must adhere to their ruling it seems.

It's shit like this that makes athletes give up hope.So much talent all going to waste.There just isn't any future in this country as a sportsperson...not while people that sit up high in MSN keep making stupid decisions such as the above mentioned.

I'm sure someone may read this and bring it to their attention BUT you know what? SCREW THEM! Afterall in all my 23 years of bodybuilding, I have pretty much supported myself and do not have to answer nor deal with their bullshit terms.

Well folks, i'd better get off this topic now before I blow a blood vessel due to the pressure just from talking about this UN-fruitful event.
Till I come back and highlight more on our biggest purse in the history of Malaysian amateur bodybuilding...