Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Marriage : The legal union of a man and woman as husband and wife.
Woah....words that make some cringe!

To some , it means the end of bachelorhood...that means giving up all their flirting , scams or hanging out with their buddies till late,just so they could be tied down to a ball and chain.
Others,on the other hand ,welcomes married lives full throttle.It's almost like they can't wait any longer to have a family....

Well,i just turned 37 and to tell you the truth ,i have had a blast of a time being single.I come and go as i please,date who i wish etc without having to answer to anyone.Well that was until i met someone...hehehehee!
So as it goes now,i guess i'm already attached to the great ball and chain , just not legal in the eyes of the lord or the law yet.

Sometimes i find it very hard to let go of my bachelor lifestyle....but i guess if the girl i'm seeing is the right one , then perhaps it would be worth the slight change of wind....i'm sure some stability in my life will emerge.Afterall,2 heads are better than 1 ...... or in my case...2 source of income will be better than 1 heheheheee!

All my married buddies have been hanging shit on me for being single for too long.Even my old man is asking me..."WHEN'S THE BIG DAY? WHEN ARE YA' GIVIN ME GRANDCHILDREN??" I still hang out to watch cartoons like a big kid and now i gotta make kids??Talk about being pressured or what hahaha!

But i've got to admit this tho....the feeling of wanting to settle down and start a family of my own is slowly begining to set in.I guess there's only so long of being alone one can take.After which the presence of a loved one by your side through thick or thin moments will be much desired.

As people say... it's time i quit messing about and start considering starting a family hahahahahaa.Time to be a bit more responsible here......not that i haven't but....... ; )

Do you hear wedding bells coming??? Heck , i guess so , just don't ask me'll know IF or WHEN it happens!!!

Before i leave...
I'd like to hear comments from you married or single people out there...WHAT DOES MARRIAGE MEAN TO YOU?