Wednesday, February 25, 2009


A couple of years back, I wanted to make a comeback to competitive competition but unfortunately injuries and financial strain put a dead halt to my plans.
Although not fully recovered from my injuries, I think this time around I will be able to train hard and make my way back to the posing dias.It's been about 5 years since i last competed so making a comeback is certainly not gonna be a walk in the park.

Nevertheless, I've made up my mind to make it happen no matter what.As always, money will be an issue but this time I will find means and ways to overcome this problem.The fire within me to compete is burning white hot.There's gonna be a lot to do to regain top form.Luckily for me, I never stopped training all these years.

I hope to be able to come in much bigger and more ripped this year.With the help of UNO NUTRITION, at least one of my obstacle is out of the way.Nutrition plays a vital role in bodybuilding so having UNO NUTRITION back me up here is a huge bonus.

The first show for me will be the Nationals (Mr. Malaysia) this coming 24th - 26th July held in Johor.I'm pretty pumped and psyched up for the upcoming show.A week after the Nationals will be Mr.Asia to be held on the 2nd - 7th of August in Iran.Hopefully I come in good enough to convince the federation to send me for the Mr.Asia.

Pictures to follow suit..once i get rolling..there will be no stopping me!!!