Thursday, September 11, 2008


You may be wondering who Gary Strydom is right?
Well , he is an IFBB professional bodybuilder and has competed in numerous pro shows over the last 2 decades.He has competed in the epitome of bodybuilding competition , Mr.Olympia and placed 5th!!!

The guy is a legend in the bodybuilding world , and i had the honour of actually meeting him here in KL in August at the Hard Rock KL.What a rush it was to have had the opportunity to hang out with one of my idols right here in KL!!! He told me that he will be back this way more hangin' out , a few workouts with the champ and who knows..a possible business venture too.

Gary is also one of the very few humble pro bodybuilders i've ever met too! Not forgetting how intelligent he is..this guy is business minded.Brawns and brains!!! He owns Crazeewear , those baggy pants you usually see bodybuilders and other athletes wear in magazines , StrydomWear which is his latest sports apparel range and has his own range of supplements to boot.That's not all...he's into the real estate business too.Now how many bodybuilders that you know that are this business minded?

Hats off to this champ who , is 50 years old by the way and still looking awesome.Below is a list of some of his achievements throughout his career as a pro bodybuilder :-

Bodybuilding Titles
1984 USA Champion 1st
1986 NPC Champion 1st
1986 Night of Champions 1st
1988 Mr. Olympia 5th
1989 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic 3rd
1989 Australian Grand Prix 1st
1989 French Grand Prix 1st
1989 Swedish Grand Prix 1st
1989 Spanish Grand Prix 1st
1991 WBF Champion 1st
1992 WBF Champion 1st
2006 Denver Pro-Am 7th

Gary mentioned to me that he will be making a return to competitive bodybuilding next year , 2009.Looking at him that time , i truly believe he will place well!

Well , wishing him all the best in his future endeavours .... wouldn't mind following his footsteps , career wise if i may say so hehehhehee!!!

Below are some of the pics taken with him and from his website.ENJOY!!!