Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Just when I'm gaining some serious momentum gearing up for my competition, I had to go tear a damn groin/hamstring muscle....SIGHHH!!!!
I was doing deep and heavy leg presses and suddenly i heard a "CLICK" on the inner left thigh but there was no pain at that time....TILL the next day!!!! OMFG!!! Woke up limping and sore and felt like the left thigh was over pumped and had a deep piercing pain to it.I figured it was just a strain and with some rest it would go away.
3 days later while taking a shower was when i actually realised the bruise and it got me worried coz that would only mean that there's a tear in the muscle.
Anyway, I'm on anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling medications now so the pain and swelling has reduced a bit.However if it persists, I will have to make time to go over to Bukit Jalil for physiotherapy and rehab treatment.Luckily being a national athlete, they provide these sort of medical treatment for free.
Well, this will definitely hinder my competition preparations as i won't be able to any leg workouts or anything that would require me to lean over.Boy this sucks big time!!!
I guess it's back to the planning board trying to figure out how to tailor a new workout schedule to work around my current injuries.Till my next post......

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