Thursday, March 26, 2009


Ok this are pics taken one day after leg workout hence they are looking a lil deflated.Can't contract them here or they would cramp up.Thanks to a cheap digital camera and a lousy cameraman.....LOL!....this is the kind of pics we managed to take after my workout session.

Being on such a low carb diet can be really taxing, but at this point it is totally necessary.Once the body has peaked then a carb loading phase will take place and this is when the muscles will start looking fuller,rounder and so much more tighter.

I can't thank UNO NUTRITION enough for sponsoring me their supplements to help me achieve my goals.I know that without their support, I'd be really broke LOL! Imagine having to spend so much more money just to obtain the necessary supplements you need during a pre-comp phase.....OUCH!

So anyways...below are the 8 cumpolsury poses we took in random arrangement.Need to tighten up the waistline more, bring up legs a lil more , basically get more cut overall.This is what i have managed to achieve in about 1 month and I still have 4 months to go before comp day.I'm quite confident that I can nail my condition come comp day.


Saharil said...

fullamak, cayolah!
all the best, bro

resident.wangsamaju said...

Good progress you are making there.