Monday, January 23, 2006


You may be wondering who the heck these two fatties are ......looks so familiar lah!'s none other than the Sumo Twins...Awie and me,Terry.Here we are in the Dohyo(sumo ring) in Shah Alam during a training session for Afdlin Shauki's upcoming movie,SUMO-LAH!
Yes,we are looking very fat here...but it's to make the characters in the movie as real as possible.To tell you the truth,neither one of us likes carrying all those extra blubber around.It's very tiring mind you....but what the hell,it's only temporary.After all,we are getting paid to do this hahahaha!

Here we have Mr Gurmeet Singh aka Mr Phua Chu Kang trying to intimidate his opponent by ripping the punching bag in half......Ok!Ok! So he's not that strong really hahahahaaa!Talk about being a drama queen and all.Actually the punching bag was already ripped in half when we got there so as usual,Gurmeet will be the one to mess about....looks real though.Gurmeet will be on my side in SUMO-LAH! So,you can imagine the ruckus and all during filming heheheeeee!

This picture here was also taken during our training.One things for sure,it is so tiring training for sumo wrestling.It's no joke the regime these sumo wrestlers go through.They are not only fit but very agile and flexible as well.I nearly died from trying to do the stretches they usually do hahahahaaaaa!OH! And the Mawashi(adult pampers),are like cardboards wrapped around you.Imagine having a 2 inch cardboard running up your crack!!!

Overall,i think this movie will be such a hit as i truly believe in Afdlin's capabilities.Look at Baik Punya Cilok,now playing in cinemas.I went to watch it over the weekend,and i must admit,for someone who isn't too fond of malay movies,i'd have to give Afdln a big pat on his shoulders.This movie was bloody hillarious and had all the elements needed to make it a great box office movie.

Well,let's see what happens.I shouldn't say too much about SUMO-LAH too!Don't want to take the flavour out of the movie before its even let's be patient and see how it turns out when it hits the silver screen.


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