Tuesday, January 17, 2006


This cute pet is up for adoption.

WANTED: A caring owner to love her. Sadly, Bozo the Sharpei had not found this with her previous owner.

When Bozo was dumped at the Penang SPCA's shelter, she was a pitiful sight. She had skin disease and there was barely any fur left on her skin.
The society's secretary, Dr G.S. Gill said: “She was to be humanely put away. Being of gentle nature, she laid obediently on the operation table.

“However, just as I was about to administer the injection, she put out her paw and look up into my eyes as if begging for her dear life. I didn't have the heart to go further.”

Today, her fur may have grown back and her disease gone but Bozo is still waiting for someone to love her.
This cute pet is up for adoption.

Dr Gill said so much could be done for dogs like Bozo if everyone from pet owners to the authorities view animal welfare as a serious issue.
“We have been trying to get the Penang Municipal Council to amend its outdated Dog By-Laws 1976 for more than 10 years but have yet to see the end of the tunnel.

“In our recommendations, all owners should spay their dogs and ensure that they scoop the animals' poop in public areas,” he said.
He also said there should be a standard by-law for all local governments instead of different ones for each.

In addition, he said the Animal Ordinance Act 1953 was no longer relevant to today's cases as perpetrators who commit animal cruelty acts could only be fined a maximum of RM200 or jailed six months or both.

Dr Gill said the society was advocating microchip implant as the answer to the identification of owners for a more effective implementation of the by-laws.
“One black dog looks like another black dog. If it is implanted with a microchip, its owners can be traced. Apart from promoting responsible ownership, this is also useful in the case of runaway, stolen or lost animals,” he said.

He said the society's fervent wish was for a philanthropist to donate a 0.8ha piece of land for it to build a bigger shelter.

“We have been occupying land owned by the council since 1993. Our 30-kennel shelter is already bursting at the seams.
“The society is forced to put many healthy animals, which are already vaccinated and spayed, to sleep due to space constraint.
“It pains us to do this and it is never an easy thing to decide,” he said with a sigh.

The society also planned to suggest to its counterparts in Malacca, Johor, Sarawak, Selangor, Negri Sembilan and Seberang Prai to form an umbrella body for a stronger voice.

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