Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today, 14th of April - Wed, I am finally at week 1 of being on Olivenol livin capsules. If you recall in my last post, I tagged my joint pains at 8 out of 10. Well as of today, exactly 1 week out, I am glad to announce that the pain that has plagued most of my joints seem somewhat reduced. I would rank it at about a 6 right now...down 2 notches from 8.

I noticed a lot lesser pain in my knees and elbows....however the pain in the lower back seems to have reduced ever so slightly...perhaps I would need more time for this area as there are so many nerves running through that area. Afterall I have only been on this product for exactly 1 week.

I have already had people asking me what the outcome is like...I have to keep reminding them that I've only been on this product for only a week and would need at least 8 weeks to really see drastic changes. That being said, I can tell you that any inflammation serrounding the joints will be noticeably reduced

Lets wait and see how I feel come week 2 and so on....hopefully it goes all the way to recovery or even 80%...I would be soOOooo happy!

See you guys next week then...

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OLIVENOL livin' said...

Keep going champ!!! We are rooting for you to be crowned Mr Universe. Malik did it, you definitely can!