Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today Wednesday, 21st April, 2010,
my 2nd week into using Olivenol capsules.Up to this point, all my joint pains seem much better. On a scale of 1 to 10, it's gone down one more notch to a 5 from the previous of 6 ...originally an 8. Although it did not go down much this time around, it's still good enough for me as I've noticed my joints being somewhat stronger. All my training seem more comfortable and tolarable without major pain while performing my exercises.

I trained my shoulders last week and noticed considerable improvements with my movements and yesterday i went a bit heavier...usually I start with very light warm ups then work the poundages up. Typically i will max out at only 60lbs on dumbell presses due to the gruelling pain in my elbows BUT yesterdays workout, I managed to do 100lb dumbells with relative ease. Very very slight pain was felt. So i guess this stuff is actually helping.

Well tonight, I'm going to do arms. Let's see how much i can do now that the elbows seem much better. It's a great feeling being able to lift heavy again. I get such a rush from heavy training, plus the pumps i get are outrages..something I could not do nor feel for years due to all the joint pains I was experiencing.

Anyways, the journey to recovery continues!!! Hopefully all will be repaired after the 8th week is up. Till i update you guys again next week.....

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