Friday, May 23, 2008


Just a quick post folks.
For those who know me personally, will know i'm a huge animal lover and it truly saddens me to see these poor animals being either abused or abandoned.

What's worse is that these wonderful creations of god that are left abandoned by humans will eventually face a horrible ending.Some are poisoned , run over , shot or put down with a lethal injection.

I urge whoever that reads my blog to have a heart and spare a bit of your time to help spread the word out about the misfortunes of these lovely creatures.A lil' support from all of you will go a long way.You may never know when someone out there may just adopt one of these pets and actually spare a life or two.

Currently this site , an indipendant volunteer/pet-rehomer is helping to re-home some of these pets , similar to what our SPCA is doing.Please have a look at this site to see what other pets are being sheltered at the moment.All or rather , ANY support given will be greatly appreciated , both by the volunteer and these pets.

REMEMBER! Each one of you can make a difference!


roro said...

i am a muslim, and although i'm actually scared of dogs, i sometimes feel pity for them, exspecially the stray dogs. yes sometimes they chase people without reason but i do think that people who abandoned them make them the way they are. they basically have to fight to keep on living. some people take no responsibility and ditch the dogs when they are not cute anymore or grow old. once me and my friend saved a puppy from drowning in a gutter full of water in a middle of a downpour. of coz we had to do the compulsory cleaning afterwards, but it was one of my personal proudest moment. people who let this animal suffer and harm them are just heartless. however i might add, having a pet is a lifelong commitment. don't do it just because you have to or because it's in fashion.


roro,it's great to know what you have done for that poor puppy.If only others have the same kindness you have shown,it would at least be a start to a better future.And yes,owning a pet is like having a new family member.It should be treated no different from the rest of the family...lots of care ,love and attention...not the way many people practice out there.If there was a wish i could have at the moment against these inhumane people,it would be sending them straight to hell!