Friday, November 25, 2005


Today i received news from my federation - MBBF , regarding my ban from competition.After more than a year of sitting in the dark , the federation called me up to give me the good news.My suspension has been lifted!
Although i may not compete anytime soon , nevertheless it is good to know that i'm no longer treated as an outcast.Will i do the nationals etc next year?Well , let us see how my finances turn out first.The fire within me to compete still blazes hot.
To my fans out there who have supported me all this while , YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE LAST OF TERRY GALLYOT! I will come back bigger and in better condition!
All things said and done about my federation , i must admit that they have indeed been lenient with me.I owe them quite a MBBF , THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


julsz said...

yeay for terry!

vic said...

Congrats bro!