Friday, November 25, 2005


Two of my good friends -
Top with mask - Sami Al Haddad of Bahrain
Bottom - Syed Fadzli of Malaysia

Paying tribute to two of my close friends whom recently competed at the World Musclemania held in Hollywood.
Sami,who is from Bahrian has always been a good bodybuilder.Very dedicated to the sport of bodybuilding just as Syed,these two fine gentlemen decided to give Musclemania a go.For Sami and Syed,this is their first pro show with musclemania.Syed won the World Musclemania middleweight class in 2004 earning his pro card while Sami whose physique was so impressive that the organisers gave him his pro card upon seeing his pictures earlier this year.
Both men were in excellent condition on the competition day.Sami won the show while Syed garnered 4th.Not bad for our fine asian bodybuilders considering this is their first pro show.We all used to see a lot of westerners winning most of the big shows but in recent years,our asian brothers have stepped up the ladder considerably.Hopefully in the years to come we will see more of our asian brothers doing very well in the international arena.This page is dedicated to the two champs,Sami and Syed.Well done bros'!

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