Saturday, October 29, 2005


The sport of bodybuilding here in Malaysia started way back in the 60's where we saw some great physiques , even way back then.No doubt about it , bodybuilding came a long way .Bigger and more refined physiques gloss the stage thesedays.We have technology to thank as we now have access to better gym facilities and nutrition/supplements.
Bodybuilders are a special breed of athletes.I believe that these guys put in more time and effort in the pursuit of building a champion physique than any other athletes.They literally eat , sleep , breathe bodybuilding.Where or what other sport , have you seen such dedication involved?The pain,sweat and tears that these fine men have to endure day in day out , year after year , puts them on the highest pedestal in my opinion.

With all these hard work put in by these fine men , it is sad that they go unrecognised.The general public sees them as freaks or steroid abusers without even taking the time to find out what these guys have to go through just to build a respectable physique.What's even worse is that the bodybuilding association here is so weak.They lack funds to organise decent events due to lack of aggresiveness to go out and seek sponsorship money or even get the National Sports Council involved in looking after the welfare of these athletes.

The events are sub-standard and are usually held in the concourse of shopping malls.How degrading! Its no wonder we are treated as freaks at a freak or side show.Bodybuilding already has a pretty bad image due to it's association with steroid use.Why then make it worse by holding these shows in shopping malls?

To add insult to injury , these poor boys receive very little in prizes.If at all there are any cash prizes involved , rest assured it wont be much.It would be nice to see bodybuilding events taking place in proper and nicer venues and also would be better if prizes are increased to a respectable level.Hopefully , all this will take place soon , otherwise we will see a lot more bodybuilders giving up on this sport.

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