Thursday, August 25, 2005


For many Malaysians , exercising to stay healthy seems such a chore.Instead , many prefer to "lepak" at stalls or coffee joints rather than improving on one's health and fitness.
Saying that , i guess many are switching to gym activities slowly yet surely.There's a huge market for the fitness industry in Malaysia as you see numerous gyms popping up everywhere like mushrooms.They provide clients with high end equipments and coaching services...all for a price!!!
Yup , basically you will have to pay through your nose just to be a member of such establishments , and mind you , coaching services are another story.It all adds up at the end of the day.

So , where can the avarage joe with limited income go to?
Well , ULTIMATE GYM in Wangsa Maju is the answer.My gym may not be furnished with glossy imported equipments , BUT , one thing is certain tho....anyone can afford the rates we charge here.More importantly , we provide proper training for whatever your objectives may be , by yours truly of course , Terry Gallyot.With almost 19 years of experience backing me , and the rates that i charge , people wonder if i'm for real.Why you ask?Well , the answer is simple.My services are very affordable.Where else can you find a professional enough coach and a decent gym at a very affordable rate? The answer is NO WHERE EXCEPT AT ULTIMATE GYM!!!

So , if you are thinking of getting with the program , then look no further.All the details are on the banner posted with this article.

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