Monday, September 19, 2005


Top - Musclemania banner.
Centre - Musclemania Asia 04' stage.
Bottom - The ones who got suckered by Mr Zwick,president of American Sports Network , producer of Musclemania & Superbody shows.
Well folks,
guess what??I was surfing to see whats new at the Musclemania website and found out that Musclemania Asia Tour was supposed to be in September 05' and one of the venues scheduled was Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.YEAH RIGHTTTTT!!!!!
After the stunt Mr Zwick pulled last year,this guy actually still has the audacity to deceive the public by actually listing all those countries supposedly hosting Musclemania.IT'S ALL BOGUS!!!MUSCLEMANIA ISN'T AS POPULAR AND GLAMOUROUS AS MR.ZWICK CLAIMS.WINNERS DO NOT GET WHAT THEY ARE ENTITLED TO & A CERTAIN EVENTS COMPANY NEVER GOT PAID IN FULL.Too late for me as i've already fallen prey to this guy,but hopefully you lot out there reading this blog won't get conned by him as you now know the inside story.

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