Thursday, November 23, 2006


Front relax pose
Side chest
Most muscular

Side tricep
Abdominal & Thigh
Back lat spread
Front lat spread
Back double biceps
Front double biceps

In my earlier post , I mentioned about making a comeback to competitive bodybuilding in 2007.After a 3 year hiatus , I can foresee this journey being a really difficult one.

Nontheless it is something i WANT and MISS doing.....i miss all the intense workouts ,the stringent dieting...eerrm...ok ,well , maybe not the dieting part ,but definitely the stage,the audience but most importantly....the lean and mean look!

So from this day onwards ,23rd November 2006 , my battle begins! These pictures you see depicts my current pathetic condition , all 270lbs of blubber! A result of neglecting my diet and piss poor training for the last 3 years.

But i'm changing all that! In the months to come, i plan to totally rebuild my physique taking it to the next level and out-do my past best condition.It ain't gonna be a walk in the park , that's for sure BUT I WILL DO IT!

So peeps...if you wanna see how my progress is comin along...then you gotta keep comin back regularly.I'll post new pictures every so often here.If you have constructive criticism or comments then by all means do so.I'm gonna need all the mental support i can get to get ready for 2007...THE YEAR I TURN PRO!

So , till i post again.....


KenJoon said...

U CALL THAT BLUBBER ?!?! i hate u lol :)
Looking Real GOOD man !

darklight said...

I second that! Looking forward to the next progress pics.

patrickteoh said...

HI brudder. I definitely will keep coming back to check on your battle. Yeah they are right. If this is "bad" shape I can't wait to see you back in shape man.

Trinity said...

Nice ;)

Looking forward to the next progress pic!!


Thanks guys.Been sick and couldnt train hard enough.Next set of pics coming before Christmas.

monsterball said...

Never knew you have a blog and my old friend Pat is watching you like a hawk. Who am I??
Your REAL UNCLE...whom you put up with for few months at Sungei-WAy Subang. Where is Gene Gallyot?
Go shape up...don't it!!
You can...only if you make up your mind. Hope to see you win something this year.
Give my best regards to your Dad and your sister.
Just address me by my blogger need to be formal.
Do me a favour...Sheih's 'kickdefella' blog owner has created a logo to unite all bloggers. Put that sticker at your blog. Go into 'kickdefella'. You may learn something. God Bless.