Tuesday, March 21, 2006


It's been a while since i posted anything here.Well,i've been rather busy with a couple of stuff related to my business.Let's see.....I've been scouting around for customers for a close friend who has several units of cardio equipments for sale such as the treadmill and elliptical trainer.So far there has been a few units sold .There are a few other potential customers wanting to buy these equipments too ,but have yet to confirm when.You'd probably be wondering whats it in for me right? Well, basically i will secure a unit for my gym for FREE!
With the few items sold so far , I've managed to secure a treadmill for my gym....although used , it's still a big deal for me coz' these treadmills cost a BOMB brand new!.And here's the best part.....all the guys who used to say..."Nooooo.....you wouldn't catch me on one of those!" , turns out to be the ones who use it the most ...HAAAAAAAAAAHAAHAA! Also picked up an elliptical cross trainer...the women seem to like this one a lot for some reason and a new shoulder press bench....couldn't resist the great deal hahahahaa!
Apart from all that , I've been running some ads for ULTIMATE GYM too.Basically I've been sending out flyers and hanging up banners for my centre around this vicinity.It's hard times here for the smaller gym operators ,so every bit of promo is needed to boost membership.I'm also running a special discount for the ladies....and i must say it's been good so far as far as the ladies promo is concern.The more ladies i can get into my centre , the more guys will follow suit..... hehehehee!
Kinda like bees to honey! Hopefully with the installation of these few new equipments and of course...more ladies...i will see more new members signing up.My gym is located in a very big housing area so flyers will have to be distributed in phases.
Well, basically this is what's been happening over on my end lately.....and tonight after closing the gym , i'm out again with a good friend , doing more mail drops! Time to be a lil more aggresive with my marketing if i'm to fill my lil' ol' purse with some decent cash.
Don't be surprised if you get my flyer in your mailbox too hehehehehee! Till next time....wish me luck people!

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