Thursday, April 13, 2006


Well , guess what folks? Early this morning I was awaken by an SMS from the P.A. of Mr Afdlin Shauki aka Mr Talent Extrodinaire .According to his P.A. ,this coming May 8th or 9th , they will be holding a press conference for Mr Shauki's SUMO-lah! in one of the hotels in Kuala Lumpur.In a way i was very pleased to hear this news as this would only mean one thing.....that the camera will be rolling pretty soon.So,to the much awaiting folks out there , keep your eyes and ears open as i'm sure there will be much talk about this movie when it starts filming.

Ok, on another note...i've not been writing much about whats been happening with the local SPCA as of late.One good news that i've found out at the SPCA website is that people who have or wants to own a pet that lives in high rise buildings,condos etc may be able to do so very soon.The government has approved pets in high rise buildings of course under close supervision.

This of course is more music to me......first the good news from Afdlin's P.A. then now this.I wont have to worry much about neighbours complaining to the council that i own a dog and all now.Finally me and my mutt can actually live in peace.

So there ya' go peeps.....just a lil update in my life.....

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