Wednesday, May 17, 2006


It's been several months since the mention of SUMO-lah the movie.Well, on the 9th of May 2006,Vision Works , Afdlin's company had the press conference for SUMO-lah at the JW Marriot Kuala lumpur.It turned out very well and the promo trailer of this movie was great!That's just the clip...imagine the movie!!! I'm sure it's gonna be awesome.
Shooting for this movie is scheduled to be on the 12th of June and would take anything between 45 - 60 days.Part of it will be filmed on location in Japan and the rest in Kuala Lumpur.
Some of my buddies are really looking forward to seeing me in the "mawashi" - those diaper looking thing that sumo wrestlers wear hahahahahhahaa!I'm telling you lot out there in butt is spotless ok! Haahahahahaa!
Anyways,support the local film industry....time to make a difference!This movie is different and will be goin' international for your info.Support this sort of movie and i guarantee you will see better stuff in near future....not crappy love movies like we used to get before.
Here's a man that can support from you Malaysians are very important.
Just my 2 cents......

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