Thursday, October 19, 2006

PDI or IFBB???

Sorry to everyone for my absence .It's been a rather difficult month for me here at ULTIMATE GYM .
As usual,the Ramadhan month is here...and that could only mean me having to operate longer hours to cater to the Muslims who are fasting.Tiring but necessary nonetheless. what have i been up to apart from being busy here at ULTIMATE GYM?For one, i've been involved in a new business.It's an e-commerce networking business that's 100% legal of course and it does seem very promising .I'm planning to go full swing with it once the Ramadhan is over.Never hurts to have a few extra bucks put aside for my bodybuilding career.Yup...i plan to make a comeback in 2007!


As some of you already know,I've been out of competition for 3 years now due to a downturn in business plus some injuries that held me back from training hard .The desire in me to compete again is stronger than ever.

A few days ago,i had a long chat with a very good friend and he strongly encouraged me to make a comeback.We talked about the possibilities of me turning pro.For 3 years,i was living a bodybuilders worst nightmare....lack of funds and injuries.Putting the monetary problems and injuries topic aside,my buddy asked me one question which kinda hit a nerve.

He asked me..."Do you want to make a comeback and start from the bottom in the IFBB/ABBF again or do you want to move on and continue where you left off?" It made me realise that i should move on.
I've won the state,national and international titles more than once.I've won Mr.Asia and even competed in the Mr.Universe and the next best thing to do is to try and obtain a pro card.
Almost every Asian bodybuilder knows it is extremely hard for Asians to get a pro card simply because of the amount of red tape and bullcrap one has to go through.It is almost like the IFBB/ABBF wants to keep you in your place just so they can make money on your account.Kinda sucks when you've reached this level and see so much of it!

Well,i reckon the days for the IFBB are numbered!With the Pro Division Bodybuilding Incorporated now set up ,the IFBB is facing a dilemma as many of the top pros are contemplating leaving the IFBB.Some have already made the switch.
This new federation seems to be rather fair to the athletes and the most important factor can obtain a pro card without the red tape that we see in the other federations.One can also compete outside the PDI without being penalised.Not something you can do under the IFBB flag.
With my current achievements,it seems i'm eligible to turn pro.Now how sweet is that??? At least there is a federation out there that values the athlete for their achievements.

Of course, as always,there are critics out there that swears PDI will not last and there are those who says it will.Well,competiton is always healthy right?Maybe now the IFBB will buck up and make some drastic changes in their organisation.

I'd like to know what you people think about making a switch from IFBB/ABBF to PDI.Maybe some comments from you people out there?

In the mean's back to some hardcore training if i wanna make a big impact when i hit the posing dais again!

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