Thursday, August 24, 2006


It's the end of a wonderful journey for me.Filming Sumo-lah was a great experience! As the days went pass, each and every one of us got to know each other closer , and i mean the entire crew and
So it was only normal that by the end of the shoot , we were all a lil' sad to have to part our separate ways , after having so much fun working together.

I for one will miss the entire crew and cast for i had so much pleasure working with each and every one of them.

You folks out there...keep a lookout for this awesome movie this December.I promise you lots of laughter , drama , great fight scenes and some fantastic cinematography...all these elements are brought to you by an awesome guy,our very own Malaysian director Mr Afdlin Shauki.

Well , i'm lost for words so , let these photos paint a thousand words for me.


Elaine said...

Hehehe. I see my pictures! Sorry about the watermarks...

patrickteoh said...

Hi Terry. Thanks for the link. I will link you on my blog too when I find some time. It's been a great pleasure and honour working with and getting to know you during SUMO LAH!

patrickteoh said...

Aiyoh! When are you going to update your blog la dei? How are you, my friend? Long time no see la.