Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today 26th May, Wednesday marks my 7th week on Olivenol capsules. As those of you who have been following my progress, you will probably remember that I started out at an 8 out 10 on the joint pain scale and stagnated at 4 a couple of weeks back. Most of my joints like elbow, wrist and shoulder have improved tremendously....although there's still a slight pinching sensation every now and then when too much pressure is applied on them.

The biggest breakthrough last week lower back! All along, the back and knees were the ones to lookout for. They were the real problem areas. However, sometime last week, something weird happened. I don't know if the supplement helped or maybe because the disc slipped back into position...but I woke up the next morning and the pain in the lower back had disappeared about a whopping 80% . I mean I will still feel some pressure if I stood up for long moments but most of the pain were gone. Now I'm carefully watching it so as not to get it busted again. The strangest thing was the knee...I believe it is linked to the lower back issue because as soon as the lower back felt better, the knees started feeling better too. Probably nerves being pinched as such.

Whatever the reasons for feeling better, I'm thankful because living with such pain day in day out can be pretty excruciating at times. Also I must say that Olivenol has actually played a part in my recovery and for that I feel a BIG THANK YOU is only appropriate. I still have supply for a couple more weeks so I will keep updating my progress until my supply runs out. Hopefully by such time, I will be more if not completely healed.

Till then, PEACE!

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