Friday, June 04, 2010


Today, June 3rd Friday, 2 days late for my report largely due to matters that needed urgent attention at the gym .

Anyway, this is supposed to be my final week however since I still have extra supply, I will keep updating my progress until I run out of my supply. In my previous posts, I reported on how much pain reduced in my joints mainly the elbows,wrists and shoulders and in recent weeks the lower back and knees as well. My lower back has improved slightly but pain still comes and goes, a step better than before where it was perpetually in pain. This could be a sign of it healing. Kind of like the cartilage being repaired or rebuilt and isn't strong yet therefore some shifting and pressure on nerves still happens....better than having constant pain tho. Lets see if there will be more improvements to the lower back area in coming weeks. Afterall, this is one very delicate area and one cannot expect miracles.

 Till my next report

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