Saturday, June 12, 2010


Today, 12th of June - Saturday, another late entry on my update of my consumption of Olivenol capsules. Apologies for the late entry which is largely due to my busy schedule with my clients here at ULTIMATE GYM.

Well I'm in my 9th week on this product. Most of my joints feel much better with the exception of my lower back and knees. However, the major problems ie.lower back and knees are showing  more signs of improvements. They do not seem to nag with pain now except after a gruelling workout which leaves me slightly sore the next day. I also have taken some necessary precautions such as avoiding squats and deadlifts or any other movements that would hit the effected areas too hard.

Hopefully another couple of weeks most of the pain would have gone. My problems have taken a bit longer to heal up largely due to the fact that I've been lifting weights for the last 24 years hence taking a toll on my joints. Thankfully, I was introduced to this product. It has certainly made a difference in my life and for those still having doubts, TRY IT! Honestly, you have nothing to lose. If it doesn't work on your joint problems, then it WILL certainly work in aiding to strengthen your immune system.

I probably still have a good couple of weeks supply left and will certainly update you readers of my progress. Till then...... PEACE!

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