Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today - 19th of May, Wednesday marks my 6th week on Olivenol capsules. It has worked well so far however from week 5 till present, i have not made any significant improvements due to the fact that I was down with flu followed by food poisoning. During the this period, which was almost the entire of last week, I stopped taking my capsules because it was so bad that even plain water would cause me to throw up so I didn't want to waste my supply of Olivenol.

I'm feeling much better now although a little drained still from last weeks fiesta, but have resumed my schedule with my capsules. Hopefully in the coming weeks I will continue to make progress with my joint recovery. As for the lower back and left knee, I feel they are somewhat connected. Due to the weakened lower back, probably some nerves are being pinched causing the pain to run all the way down to my left knee. Perhaps this matter has to be sorted out by either a chiropractor or a myotherapist.

So, this is the status as of now, sorry not much to report as I have been pretty out of commission for a while. Till next week...Peace!

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