Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Today, 5th May 2010 - Wednesday, not much to report as I've been down with the flu since Saturday. Seems like there's a bug in the air and so many people i know or noticed seems to be down with some kind of flu or cough. So I've decided to take this week off from training to recover before resuming my training.

Right now I would say that my joint pain level has plateaued ...I'm still at a 4 out of 10 in terms of pain in my joints. The knee and lower back still hurts now and then. I suspect that there are other factors serrounding the pain in these places. I'd probably make an appointment to see a friend of mine who is a Myotherapist. They basically locate trapped or pinched nerves and massages to release these trapped or pinched nerves....instant relieve!

However i won't rule out Olivenol capsules yet as I do feel it has done some justice to my other joint problem. Until next week when I'm back on track......keep lifting peeps!!!

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