Monday, August 01, 2016

The Common Misconception of Ultimate Gym.

Since establishing Ultimate Gym way back in 1991, our initial concept was very bodybuilding oriented simply because I was such a big fan of bodybuilding plus I was a competitive bodybuilder. I went on to train many bodybuilders over the years and in doing so, produced many champs!

In doing so, I somewhat built a rather stereotypical image that Ultimate Gym was ONLY FOR THE HARDCORE BODYBUILDERS and that regular folks wanting to just keep fit will not fit in nicely.
These comments are quite the contrary actually. While I was into bodybuilding, training several people for bodybuilding competition, I was also helping the other non-bodybuilding folks achieve their goals. Building somewhat of a reputation in this country, people assumed and still assume that we are only all about bodybuilding.

Over the years, I have actually tried softening our image to a more fitness oriented club. Somehow people still seem to view and associate my club as a hardcore bodybuilding center.

Years have passed and although my number 1 passion is still bodybuilding, I think it is very important that I stress once more that we are a fitness center and we actually cater to a much broader spectrum of fitness goals.

Anything from Personal Training to Nutrition and Workout Program Consultations to Weight Loss or just General Fitness and overall well being, is the direction Ultimate Gym has taken.

Here are some pictures that I believe will show that bodybuilding is not our main focus these days and that our clients comes for various objectives and goals.

So, there you go folks, a MYTH that has to be debunked once and for all!
Ultimate Gym - serious fitness covers a broad spectrum of goals for our clients needs and wants.

To contact us, please visit our Facebook page : Ultimate Gym - serious fitness

Here's to a happy and healthier generation!

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