Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ultimate Gym - serious fitness - Celebrating 25th anniversary!

 As of January 2016, Ultimate Gym - serious fitness is proud to announce our 25th anniversary.

We have come a long way in this industry, having to go through so many trials and tribulation, but God willing, we will continue to provide our services to everyone who loves fitness and weight training.

Ultimate Gym , as some have put it , is more like an institution to many. So much so, it has become somewhat of a second home to so many people.
Our close knit members in our fitness center are constantly looking out for one another. We have had members who have had their second generation come to us while there are also others that met their spouses here. True story!
Anyway, to commemorate our Silver Jubilee , we will be printing some limited edition t-shirts both in full black with gold print and full red with gold print very soon.
Of course, we are also looking into organizing a get together come open day for all our members that have supported us throughout our entire existence.
More details on that soon!

Meanwhile, here area couple of our artist's impression on how the design of our silver jubilee t-shirts will look like.

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