Wednesday, February 10, 2016

LILIAN TAN - WBPF World Womens Champion - Website Intro.

Those of you that follows the WBPF bodybuilding scene, will likely know of Lilian Tan, who happens to be a 2 x WBPF Womens World Champion, once in 2012 and again in 2014.

At first, Lilian did not think of creating a website yet as she felt that there was nothing to share BUT after 2 World titles under her belt, her friends and loved ones persuaded her to create one. Because the name to the domain was already taken, and without wasting anymore time, I decided to help create one for her using a free hosting site until a suitable domain name comes along.

Currently, Lilian is a certified ISSA Personal Trainer and is open to accepting clients both online as well as in person. For those who are keen to at least know a little bit of her background and services, may go to her temporary website to get in touch with her.

To go to her website, please click  LILIAN TAN's WEBSITE

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