Friday, July 07, 2017

My 2017 Vacation !

Almost everyone I know, seem to set aside time for an annual vacation. To some, they would go on a vacation twice or maybe more times in a year. Of course they are the ones who have enough money to splurge obviously. I envy people like them.

For me, this vacation was a much needed one. Why?
Well, for starters, I have not truly had a real vacation since I started work. Some people seem to think a one or two day dash to where ever and dash back is considered a vacation. To me, a real vacation should be when you can really let your hair down and not worry about anything. To be able to go away without worrying about what's happening back at the business etc. When you can just go away and not have to worry, then that's a real vacation.

So, looking back at all the years I've been working, a whopping 29 years, I have never ever had the opportunity to pack my bags and just go away and chill... I was feeling burnt out at work, home, in general, up until June 2017!

My beloved fiancee had been planning to get me to take a break from all my responsibilities for almost a year without my knowledge...well at least up until a few months before our trip. At first I was my usual apprehensive self making all sorts of excuses not to go, a side effect from working and working and working without ever taking time off. This was a tell tale sign of being burnt out, when you can hardly see and think clearly.

Anyhow, my fiancee still went ahead and made plans, and would not take NO for an answer. Our destination....HONG KONG DISNEYLAND !

Fast forward to the day we arrived in Hong Kong, we checked into a 5 star hotel in Kowloon, chucked our luggage, rested a bit then were off to town.

First stop, The Cheesecake Factory!
Food was great, portions were huge and I had all the cheesecake I could eat! Felt so bloated after that but it was soooo worth it!

We literally covered almost all of Hong Kong by their HOP ON HOP OFF double decker bus. It took us all around the island showing us all the top spots. Surprisingly, there was so much beautiful places to see! Here are some mix of pics taken during the city tour.

Now, the highlight of this whole vacation....DISNEYLAND! Spent 2 days here! Ideally , would need 3 days to cover every area of this wonderland! I was sooo excited...felt like a kid again! All in all, we had an awesome time.

On our last leg of our Hong Kong tour, My darling took me up to their famous mountain where a huge Buddha statue sits...all this via cable car. It was beautiful up there. This place has a special significance to her hence I was brought up here. At night, she took me to Chris Ruth's steakhouse for a scrumptious pre-birthday dinner followed by a stroll down the river front. A magnificent view all together!

This entire trip truly helped me rejuvenate my mind, body and soul , was so exhilarating , and I have to thank my darling Lilian Tan for making it all come true. From day one till the end, we had nothing short of fun, fun, fun.
Hong Kong was soooo clean, even the toilets are so clean you could just sleep on the floor, the people were polite and most spoke very good English which made things easier for us as we didn't speak any Cantonese, their public transport were par none , super efficient! Service at all the places we went were top notch!
Quite honestly, there was nothing to complain about this entire trip.....except of course for the expenses bit where their cost of living seemed a tad expensive.But , hey, this is a vacation and there will always be a price to pay right?
Will we ever do another Hong Kong trip? YOU BETCHA!

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