Saturday, July 29, 2017

Coming to Ultimate Gym now EASIER!

For the longest time, we have been hearing complains from a lot of people saying that we are located too far from them and that it was difficult for them to get to our gym due to the distance and inaccessibility or logistics etc.

Now that the government has launched the newly built MRT system, it makes traveling more comfortable, convenient and cheaper. One would not have to deal with the traffic, tol charges, petrol usage, parking and so on.

One needs to only study the map provided below (download to enlarge) to see how convenient things are getting.
From where ever you are, get to the nearest station and travel to the station closest to us, which is the Sri Rampai Station (Route 5 - Pink Line).

Get off at the Rampai Station and cut through Wangsa Walk Mall opposite the station, exit behind to their  open air car park, and you will see NZ Curry House. Our gym is located just behind NZ Curry House on the row of shoplots facing the main road the other side.
Easy Peezy! Give it a try! Now everyone can come to us!

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